Our Delay Repay guarantee

Claim compensation if you’ve been delayed for 30 minutes or more on a ScotRail service.

If you're travelling on one of our trains and your journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more, we'll give you vouchers towards the cost of a future journey. Or you can exchange the vouchers for cash at one of our stations.

On top of this, if a delay on a ScotRail train causes you to miss a connection and be delayed further, you can claim for that.

The value of the vouchers depends on the cost of your ticket and the total length of the delay.

Here's what you’ll get:

Length of delay Compensation
30 to 59 minutes 50% of the cost of your single ticket or 25% of the cost of your return ticket
1 hour to 1 hour 59 minutes The full cost of your single ticket or 50% of the cost of your return ticket
2 hours or more The cost of your single or return ticket

You can use the vouchers to buy tickets for rail journeys in Great Britain. They are valid for 12 months. You can also exchange them for cash at one of our ticket offices within 28 days of the vouchers being issued.

You can make a claim by filling in our Delay Repay form online or through our ScotRail mobile app:

Or you can pick up a claim form from our staffed stations and return it to:


You will need to provide your ticket, or a copy of it, with your claim form.

We must receive your claim form within 28 days of the delay.

There are a couple.

  • We will not normally accept a claim if you were told about the delay before you bought your ticket
  • If we have introduced a temporary timetable, our Delay Repay guarantee will be based on that temporary timetable

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