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Travel Smarter with Smartcard

Travel Smarter with Smartcard

Paper ticket? No thanks, make mine a Smartcard.

Smartcard is here and is the new electronic system that's set to revolutionise rail ticketing across the industry and see the removal of paper tickets on many journeys. 

A Smartcard is the size of a normal credit card and contains an electronic chip which allows rail tickets to be stored and read electronically. Smartcards will provide us with a new, and more convenient way of delivering rail ticketing and has already been used by other transport operators, most noticeably in the UK through the London Underground Oyster Card. It offers improved flexibility, faster passage through stations and is more durable and will make travelling by rail a real breeze.

Smartcard Season Tickets are currently available on the Edinburgh - Glasgow Queen Street via Falkirk High route and has been since May 2010; if you already travel on this route you can benefit from this new form of rail ticketing.

Interested to apply online?

You can apply for your own personal Smartcard immediately by registering online and completing our simple application form; you can even upload your passport style photograph as well. This should only take you a few minutes to complete.

This trial has been a significant success and we now want to ensure that many more of our Season Ticket customers can benefit. Look out for our network roll out campaign in the months ahead and see how you can benefit. 

For more information on Smartcard ticketing, visit