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We're rolling out more trains with wi-fi

We're rolling out more trains with wi-fi

Off the back of our successful wi-fi trial this summer, we're thrilled to announce we're expanding the free service to our express trains by the end of 2013.

Funded by Transport Scotland, we’ll be equipping all of our ‘class 170’ trains with the equipment to give you simple and improved internet service between most Scottish cities.

These include the following routes:

- Edinburgh – Glasgow Queen Street via Falkirk High
- Edinburgh/Glasgow – Aberdeen/Inverness
- Aberdeen – Inverness
- Fife Circle
- Glasgow/Edinburgh – Stirling/Alloa

This summer’s trial saw four trains fitted with wi-fi and these will remain in service - with further wi-fi trains joining the network at a rate of five or six trains each month, starting March 2013.

How does it work?

Well, the system connects to the major phone networks simultaneously and splits the available bandwidth across the networks at any given moment.  

This means that the quality of the mobile signal strength along your journey will vary depending on a number of factors – and while wi-fi will undoubtedly improve internet access, there will still be areas where limited or no access is available. 

We endeavour to continue improving this service for you, in partnership with Transport Scotland. Keith Brown, transport minister, has said:

“This roll-out is the first tranche of our wider ambition to bring internet access to all corners of Scotland. We are already forming plans to further expand wi-fi provision across the rail network.” 

How to spot a train with wi-fi?

Like during the trial, all trains that have wi-fi will be marked by stickers on the windows.

Once you’re settled in for your journey, just connect and enjoy speedy wi-fi on us – no passwords and of course it’s absolutely free to use.

Are there any restrictions?

We aim to provide enough bandwidth for everyone, but please avoid sites that are bandwidth heavy as this can reduce availability for everyone else. Our wi-fi is intended to enable web browsing, checking emails or connecting to Facebook or Twitter.

We have a duty of care for all our customers, including children and young people, so access to adult-themed content will be restricted. Please remember you are in a public environment and avoid any other content that could offend.