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Stations A-Z

Stations A-Z

You can use the handy index above to find out more about facilities at both your departure and arrival stations.

Smoking in stations

Smoking is not permitted in enclosed areas at ScotRail stations (ie areas with at least three walls and a roof). This is in line with legislation.

Likewise, all ScotRail trains are non-smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted in our stations or on trains. Please click here for more information.

National Ticket On Departure (TOD)

We can now offer a ticket collection facility at all staffed stations, thanks to investment in the National Ticket On Departure scheme. As well as this, customers can collect tickets at all Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) across the rail network if they have booked online or through our Customer Contact Centre (ask for details when booking). Please use the index above to check your station has a TVM or TOD facility.

Click here for information on our Station Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF).