Dundee & Angus

After crossing the Tay Bridge and arriving into Dundee station, there’s plenty to tempt travellers to disembark and experience this brilliant city - and they definitely should. Yet there are also so many reasons to head on into Angus and enjoy the wonderful scenery and miles of rugged coastline.

Dundee itself is a richly varied city, where modernity and history blend together seamlessly. With superb attractions like the Science Centre and the Antarctic research ship Discovery just a few hundred yards apart, as well as cultural venues like the DCA and Caird Hall, you’ll have no trouble enjoying yourself.

Beyond Dundee though, Angus awaits, and with it a scenic trip along the North Sea coast. Broughty Ferry, just outside the city, is a fine seaside town with a lovely esplanade. Then there’s Carnoustie, famous for its golfing pedigree, and in particular for its championship course, one of those regularly used for the Open Championship

Further to the North East is the fishing village of Arbroath, home to the legendary Arbroath Smokie (a type of smoked haddock) and to the multi-million pound Harbour Visitor Centre. And then comes Montrose, with its long lovely beach, its excellent architecture and sculpture and its annual Montrose Music Festival (aka Mo Fest).

Dundee and Angus offer cosmopolitan fun alongside scenic open country and small town charm - all just a short train ride apart.

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