About Abellio

ScotRail is now operated by Abellio, and we’re dedicated to transforming travel services for Scotland.

Who is Abellio?

Abellio believes in a social duty to passengers which extends beyond the journey of our trains. The passenger is at the heart of everything Abellio and therefore ScotRail does.

The delivery of safe, reliable and comfortable services is the starting point for every transport provider, but that is not enough for Abellio. Our services must play an integrated role in the socio-economic development of the societies we serve.

What are Abellio all about?

The ability to move freely, safely and with ease is a precondition for a healthy, successful and sustainable society. This has always been and will remain the function of public transport in society. For this reason the core focus of Abellio's service offering is on one simple objective: working with all partners to serve the full door-to-door journey requirements of our passengers.

Where would you find Abellio?

Every day 20,000 Abellio people provide safe, easy and reliable public transport for more than a million passengers on our buses, trains and trams.

Our operations span three countries across bus, tram and train services. In the UK we operate buses through Abellio London & Surrey, as well as Abellio Greater Anglia train services, and Merseyrail and Northern Rail in joint ventures with Serco. In April 2015 we started operation ScotRail, Scotland's National Railway. In Germany we operate Abellio Deutschland, serving communities in North Rhine Westphalia, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. And in the Netherlands, Qbuzz, HTM and Abellio Nederland run bus services in Fryslan, Groningen, Drenthe, Utrecht and tram services in the municipality of The Hague.

Why are we doing what we do?

Abellio was established in 2001 by NS, as part of an international strategy to anticipate the effects on the industry of European legislation to liberate rail markets. This has allowed both Abellio and NS to develop an advantageous relationship where best practice is shared on a pan-European scale.

We also share our thought leadership and innovative ideas with the wider industry because we know that, for Abellio to continue to succeed, the transport industry must also thrive. This is our commitment to transport as a whole.

How we work

We are driven to deliver efficient, high quality and innovative services for our passengers and clients. Our philosophy is enshrined within the Abellio Way, a strategic framework that provides a common and collaborative way of working with our clients, stakeholders, and each other.

Find out more at www.abellio.com