All ScotRail trains on Scotland’s Railway now fully accessible

Last updated: Friday, 12 June 2020

ScotRail has confirmed that all trains on Scotland’s Railway are now fully accessible, following the withdrawal of its Class 68 loco-hauled services.

Two Class 68 trains, which were taken out of passenger service on Friday 29 May, operated four services each day in Fife and had been in use since 2015.

Their withdrawal from service now means that every train in ScotRail’s fleet complies with the technical specification for interoperability for persons with reduced mobility (PRM-TSI) standard.

ScotRail previously had a small number of high-speed trains which did not meet the required accessibility regulations.

Classic high-speed trains were used as a temporary measure due to the late delivery of ScotRail’s fleet of refurbished high-speed Inter7City trains.

The train operator removed the last of the classic high-speed trains from operation on Tuesday 31 March 2020.

Patrick Nyamurundira, ScotRail Access and Inclusion Manager, said:

“We’re committed to making Scotland’s Railway open and accessible for all, and the withdrawal of our Class 68 loco-hauled services is another huge step towards this.

“By operating a fully accessible train fleet, we hope that when we can welcome people back to the railway, it will give more customers the confidence and freedom to travel by rail.”