Improvement plan delivering for customers

Last updated: Monday, 24 June 2019

Customers are benefiting from more trains running on time, fewer cancellations to services, and more seats throughout the country as ScotRail successfully delivers its performance improvement plan.

The train operator committed to a range of improvements in March of this year after reaching a remedial agreement with Transport Scotland.

Completion of the driver and conductor training in the east of the country has had a significant impact, with cancellations in the region at their lowest level in a year.

In Fife, one of the areas of the country where customers were most impacted by the need to train drivers and conductors, 93.25 per cent of trains met their punctuality target.

Of the 19 commitments within the plan, 11 have already been delivered, including the lease of three additional high-speed trains; an additional annual £500,000 investment in for a performance improvement fund; and the recruitment of eight additional Hitachi train technicians.

ScotRail is also continuing to recruit more frontline staff and is on track to exceed the commitment of hiring an extra 55 drivers and 30 conductors during 2019.

The delivery of the improvements has been boosted further by the successful implementation of the May timetable change and the best period of performance for punctuality since September 2018.

ScotRail Operations Director David Simpson said:

“The successful delivery of our remedial plan remains a priority for everyone at ScotRail and I am delighted to see the progress we have made in such a short period of time.

“We put in a lot of work to identify the areas that would have the most impact for our customers, and meeting those commitments is improving punctuality, reducing cancellations, and providing more seats throughout the country.”

The remedial plan is available to view