Nine out of ten trains arrive on time across Scotland’s Railway

Last updated: Friday, 22 October 2021

Over the past month, nine out of ten trains arrived at their destination on time despite a challenging period across Scotland’s Railway.

During the latest reporting period (19 September – 16 October 2021), 90.9 per cent of ScotRail trains met their public performance measure - which means that trains must arrive at least within five minutes of their scheduled time, having stopped at all scheduled stations.

The recent autumn weather has presented challenges on Scotland’s Railway, with an estimated 5 per cent more leaf fall compared to the same time last year.

Leaves on the line mean drivers must brake and accelerate more slowly than normal, which causes delays and disruption. Other factors impacting performance in recent weeks include the ongoing impact of

Coronavirus on staff availability, and incidents of anti-social behaviour. The train operator’s moving annual average – the rolling performance for the previous 12 months – now stands at 92.2 per cent. ScotRail

Operations Director, David Simpson, said:

“Despite recent challenges, it is encouraging to see more than nine out of ten trains arrive on time across Scotland’s Railway.

“Everyone on Scotland’s Railway now needs to focus on continuing to deliver a safe and reliable service for our customers.

“To help minimise the impact the autumn weather has on our customers’ journeys, we’re working flat out to keep rails and train wheels clean and quickly address any problems that arise, while making sure that our customers are given good quality information.”