ScotRail confirms new £5 ticket for Fifers

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The ScotRail Alliance has today confirmed details of the new ‘Fife Fiver’ offer, which will allow customers in Fife to benefit from £5 day return tickets from Fife to Edinburgh and Dundee.

‘Fife Fiver’ tickets will be available for travel from Monday, 16 April until Friday, 15 June and will mean that most customers travelling off peak from Fife to Edinburgh or Dundee will pay no more than £5 for their journey.

Rail travellers across the Kingdom are set to benefit, with those making the 50 mile journey from Leuchars to Edinburgh seeing a two-thirds reduction compared to a standard off-peak day return.

The promotional fares can only be purchased on the ScotRail website. More information about the offer is available at

ScotRail Alliance Managing Director Alex Hynes said:

“We are building the best railway Scotland has ever had – and Fife is absolutely central to that. We’re working hard to bring our customers in Fife the level of service they expect and deserve.

“Next year we’ll begin introducing an extra 5,000 seats per day on trains in Fife, but in the meantime this promotional ticket will mean that most Fifers will pay no more than £5 for their journey when travelling off peak.”


This offer is addition to ScotRail’s ‘Delay Repay’ scheme. Any customer who is delayed by 30 minutes or more can claim compensation for the inconvenience.

More information, including full terms and conditions, can be found here.

Example fares

North Queensferry to Dundee

  • Off-peak return: £21.10
  • Five Fifer ticket: £5.00

Leuchars to Edinburgh

  • Off-peak day return: £17.70
  • Five Fiver ticket: £5.00

Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh

  • Off-peak day return: £9.70
  • Five Fiver: £5.00