Sixth period of year-on-year performance improvement for ScotRail Alliance

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

· Train service punctuality in four weeks to 31 March was 93.3%

· Equivalent figure for England and Wales was 90.7%

The ScotRail Alliance today confirmed that it had achieved a sixth consecutive period of year on year train service performance improvement.

In the four weeks to 31 March, 93.3% of ScotRail trains met the industry target PPM measure. This is 0.7% better than the same four-week period last year – and 0.1% better than the previous four weeks.

During the same period, equivalent performance in England and Wales was 90.7%. ScotRail’s annual average performance figure is 90.3% against 87.4% in England and Wales.

During the period, ScotRail ran almost 2300 services each week day – allowing customers to make over 6 million journeys.

ScotRail Alliance Operations Director Perry Ramsey said:

“This was another period where our people delivered a great service for our customers. We are now consistently delivering one of the best performing railways in Britain. In fact, the levels we are now operating at are on a par with the big operators across Europe.

“We are entering into an exciting time for our railway. In a matter of weeks, the electrification of the line between Edinburgh and Glasgow will be finished. This will allow us to bring into service the brand new faster, longer, greener trains that will deliver more seats and shorter journey times.

“Following that, our fully refurbished fleet of inter-city trains will give customers a better, more comfortable and faster way to travel between the seven cities of Scotland, better connecting Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and the central belt. Alongside the continued roll out of our queue-busting smart tickets, we are transforming the way people travel.”