Train trumps car in Edinburgh to Glasgow challenge

Last updated: Thursday, 11 July 2019

ScotRail’s new 42-minute Edinburgh-Glasgow service was put to the test in a challenge against a Lamborghini to travel from city to city this morning (Tuesday 11 June).

Train trumps carBroadcast live on Clyde 1’s Bowie at Breakfast programme, the challenge involved presenters Amber Livingstone and Callum Gallacher pitting car against train in a bid to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow the fastest.

Both presenters set off from Edinburgh, with Amber taking the 9am ScotRail service to Queen Street and Callum being driven by a professional driver.

The train was comfortably quicker than the car, beating it by 21 minutes.

Amber said:

“Before the challenge started, I was nervous when I saw Callum’s Lamborghini pull up, but I shouldn’t have been. The train was a breeze. I got my breakfast and put my feet up.”

Callum added:

“I honestly believed there was no way I could have lost this challenge. If a Lamborghini can’t beat the train, then no car can.

“I was boasting about getting the supercar, but now I won’t hear the end of being beaten!”

ScotRail Chief Operating Officer, Angus Thom said:

“Following the electrification of the line, introduction of our brand-new trains and enhanced timetable, travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh has never been better.

“While the Class 385 delivers faster journeys than our previous trains and timetables, we wanted to really push it by challenging a supercar.

“Thankfully, but not surprisingly, the train is the most effective way to get from city centre to city centre. Our new fleet of Class 385 trains have added 9,500 extra seats and have also made the journey quicker, greener and more comfortable.”

ScotRail operates ten services hitting the 42-minute mark every day while the other services average just 47 minutes.