Work begins on Garrowhill station platform renewal

Last updated: Sunday, 7 February 2021

Work on a £2.2 million platform upgrade at Garrowhill station, in the East End of Glasgow, will begin on Sunday (31 January).

The two existing platforms will be replaced with more modern and easily maintained surfaces as part of Scotland’s Railway’s ongoing investment to improve the rail network.

ScotRail customers who use the station will see a big improvement when the project is complete.

Repairs have been carried out over the years so the station can be used safely by passengers and rail services, however, advances in platform maintenance technology mean these renewals will be more effective and long lasting.

Drainage will be improved, eliminating the risk of puddles gathering during heavy rain or after snow and ice melts and the surface of both platforms will be smoothed to ensure the risk of tripping is removed.

Due to the demolition and rebuild work, one platform at a time will be temporarily closed for safety reasons. That means the station will remain open during the refurbishment and services will continue to run but journeys will be altered, and customers are advised to plan ahead of travel.

In phase 1, between 30 January and 11 March, passengers travelling east to Garrowhill will travel to Easterhouse, and return on the next train back to Garrowhill until construction is completed.

In phase 2, between 13 March and 22 April, passengers travelling west to Garrowhill will travel to Shettleston and return on the next train back to Garrowhill.

The project is part of millions of pounds worth of maintenance and rebuilding taking place across Scotland’s Railway, including significant refurbishment and renewal at Glasgow Queen Street, Aberdeen and Motherwell stations.

Kirsty Devlin, Head of Projects and PMO, ScotRail, said:

“The work at Garrowhill station is an important part of the ongoing multi-million-pound maintenance programme being undertaken across Scotland’s Railway network.

“Customers will see a big difference in how the station looks with brand new modern platforms giving them better underfoot conditions, especially during the winter months.”

Kevin McClelland, Route Delivery Director, Network Rail, said:

“The essential work we’re carrying out is designed to put passengers first and will ensure they can continue to move around Garrowhill station safely and comfortably.

“These improvements will enable better passenger distribution along each of the platforms as part of our commitment to improve performance on the Edinburgh to Glasgow line.”