Work continues on Motherwell station

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Phase 2 of £14.5m Motherwell station transformation is on track.

Great progress has been made at the station over the last month or so and we are on track to finish phase two of the redevelopment work later this year.

Motherwell station redevelopment works

This is good news for our customers who are being very patient and coping really well getting around the station while the work goes on around them.

We are welcoming customers back to the station now that travel restrictions have been eased and coronavirus controls are gradually being relaxed, so it’s satisfying to be able to say that access to platforms 2 and 3 will be returned to normal soon.

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen lots of different trades on the site, from bricklayers to joiners, steel erectors and electricians, and passers-by will have noticed a change to how the station looks.

Motherwell station redevelopment works

Nightshift and weekend working has made a big difference to our progress.

All of the steel work for the mezzanine corridor, which acts as the main artery between the concourse and platforms 2 and 3, has been completed. A pre-cast staircase has been installed in the stairwell in the mezzanine corridor. It was an incredibly intricate manoeuvre to lower the staircase into the steel frame by crane. Works are now progressing to encapsulate the steel frame and form the corridor building.

The timber frames for the new roof parapets on top of the British Transport Police and Administration buildings, which will provide safe access for maintenance, are now complete. And, outside the BTP building we have commenced works for the foundations to the new accessible ramp for the new customer waiting room on platforms 2 and 3.

Motherwell station redevelopment works

Facias around the administration and BTP buildings will be painted white in keeping with the colour of the cladding that will be installed on the mezzanine and main concourse levels of the station.

Internally, we’ve been making excellent headway too.

New heating and ventilation systems have been installed in the administration buildings, and IT network cables have been installed which will provide office staff with connections to the ScotRail IT network, including PCs and printers.

We’ll keep you all updated with our progress over the next few months as we start to conclude the Phase 2 works and move onto Phases 3 and 4.