ScotRail Foundation

We’ve partnered with Foundation Scotland* to manage a £90,000 fund that will help local communities flourish across the country.

From now until summer 2017, the ScotRail Foundation will distribute grants across three separate areas; Community Fund, Cultural and Arts Fund, and Employee Charitable Giving Fund.

Community groups can apply for grants from the £40,000 Community Fund. Awards from £250 up to £2,000 can be used to support children and young people, and to improve the environment or general health of communities.

Launched back in November 2015, this trust has already awarded half its reserve to charities, individuals and local groups that promote creativity, the arts, community recreation, sports themes and other cultural activity, as well as celebrate Scotland’s cultural heritage in its full diversity.

The ScotRail Foundation will manage the Fund’s remaining £40,000 going forward (from summer 2016) and applicants can request grants of up to £2,000.

The remaining £10,000 has been set aside for ScotRail’s Employee Charitable Giving Fund, where ‘match funding’ will be awarded to staff members who raise money on behalf of their own special causes – up to £250 for each application.

We believe we are much more than just a train operator, and that we have a responsibility to try and improve and connect local communities.

Launching the ScotRail Foundation will create many opportunities for groups and individuals across the country, and we want to see lots of eligible hopefuls apply.

To apply, or to find out more about the above Funds, please visit Foundation Scotland's website

*Foundation Scotland - an independent charity with almost 20 years of grant making experience – has been appointed to manage the fund on behalf of ScotRail. It is trusted by more than 250 individuals, families, charitable trusts, companies and public bodies. It provides cost effective and tax efficient services from light touch giving to personalised grant and loan programmes. In-depth knowledge of the charitable and community sectors ensures that client giving has the greatest value.

Foundation Scotland brings a fresh approach to philanthropy and makes the act of giving effective and rewarding. It reaches all corners of Scotland through grassroots grant making and creates high impact in specific areas via major donations, investments and capital initiatives.