6 ice cream parlours for a sunny day

Last updated: Monday, 19 June 2023

Updated 26/5/2022

Is there really anything better on a hot sunny day than an ice cream... how delicious do these flavours from Miele's Gelateria look?!

Ice cream

It immediately takes you back to childhood days of running around, playing and then cooling down with a mid-afternoon ice cream, hurriedly trying to catch drips before they hit the cone, or even worse, the floor. Since our days of childhood, ice cream has really upped its game.

Gone are the days of the whippy with a flake for 99p. Now it’s all about the variety of flavours. Some places even have 54 flavours to choose from - Janetta’s Gelateria in St Andrews we’re looking at you!

In preparation for summer… we are going to have one, right?!... we’ve very kindly travelled around the country to seek out the best places to get ice cream. So, here’s to many hot days, time spent outside and lots of ice cream in the sunshine.

Nardini’s, Largs

Somewhat of a Scottish institution, Nardini’s in Largs is like the home of ice cream. You can’t visit Largs and not have an ice cream. If you’ve got friends or family visiting from the far-flung pastures of England, (or anywhere else for that matter) make sure you take them to Nardini’s to try the Irn Bru ice cream. It’ll blow their minds. Wonderfully tangy and super sweet, it’s got to be tried. If that flavour doesn’t appeal, don’t worry there are 31 other flavours to choose from. For a real treat the main café on Greenock Road, along the waterfront does incredible ice cream sundaes. Just be sure to arrive hungry and ask for a glass of water alongside it.

Where: 2 Greenock Road

Closest station: Largs

Recommendation: Honeycomb Sundae & the Irn Bru ice cream

Vanilla Joe’s, Irvine

Vanilla Joe’s ice cream sundaes are out of this world. Available when you sit in, or to take away, they are beautiful works of art and oh, so delicious. Making a choice is the hardest part. One of our favourite’s is the very aptly named ‘Ferrero No Share Sundae’ Because quite rightly, this is all mine. It really is too good to share. If a scoop is more your thing, there are some awesome flavours to choose from. The flavours change fairly frequently but some of our recent flavours have been Pistachio Cremino, Kinder Bueno Gelato and fresh strawberry. Don’t just take our word about how amazing their ice cream is, they have been crowned many a time of being the best in Scotland.

Where: 80 Montgomery Street

Closest station: Irvine

Recommendation: Hot chocolate fudge brownie sundae

Mary’s Milk Bar, Edinburgh

Even though it’s tucked away in the Grassmarket, you won’t miss Mary’s Milk Bar. It will be the one shop with a queue out of the door, and if it’s festival time, about half a mile up the road too. This gelato is well worth waiting for. Hand crafted every day by Mary, she concocts the most wonderful array of flavours, from the simple but delicious chocolate to the more adventurous such as baked figs or goat’s cheese and plum. The flavours change every day. So if you’re in Edinburgh for more than one day, it’s the perfect reason to visit the Milk Bar more than once.

Where: 19 Grassmarket

Closest station: Edinburgh Waverley

Recommendation: have at least two scoops

Loop and Scoop, Glasgow

Located close to Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens, Loop and Scoop has been winning fans all over the city since opening a couple of years ago. It’s heaven for anyone that loves gelato and churros. Such a great combination! The gelato flavours are made in house and change daily. There’s usually 12 to choose from plus 6 vegan flavours too. Their signature creation – aptly named Loop and Scoop – is two scoops of ice cream topped off with a freshly made churro and covered with nuts or Oreo crumbs. If you’re feeling indulgent then go on and treat yourself to one of these. It’s a good one to share with a friend too… if you’re feeling generous.

Where: 665 Great Western Road and also 157 Milngavie Road, Bearsden

Closest station: Partick (for Great Western Road) It's a 25 minute walk but you may be grateful for the opportunity to walk your food off! For the Bearsden location, it's just a couple of minutes walk from Hillfoot station.

Recommendation: The Loop and Scoop

Alandas Gelateria, North Berwick

No trip to North Berwick is complete without a visit to this award-winning gelateria. At the Royal Highland Show last year they walked away as the winner of the Scottish Ice Cream Championships and for the past four years, their Belgian Milk Chocolate gelato has scooped the gold award. All of their gelato is made in their little shop every day and we swear you can taste the love that goes into it. Treat yourself to a scoop or two and then head for the beach to enjoy it with a view.

Where: 1 Quality Street

Closest station: North Berwick

Recommendation: Belgian Milk Chocolate – it’s no wonder it’s won awards.

Miele’s Gelateria, Inverness & Aviemore

Less than five minutes’ walk from Inverness station, and on Aviemore’s main street, Miele’s Gelateria has some of the best ice cream flavours we’ve ever tried. Their original shop opened in Inverness back in late 2016 before they opened their second shop in Aviemore in 2018. Both shops have a fantastic array of flavours which are inventive and delicious. A few of our favourites have to be rhubard and custard, Ferrero Rocher and Caramac! Trying to decide on one or two flavours to enjoy might possibly be one of the hardest decisions you find yourself making this summer. Good luck!

Where: 93 Church Street, Inverness & 102 Grampian Road, Aviemore

Closest stations: Inverness, Aviemore

Recommendation: Ferrero Rocher will always be our true love

Thanks very much for reading and we hope you get a chance to enjoy some great ice cream this summer. We’re sure there are many more great ice cream parlours across Scotland, so if you’ve got a favourite, please do let us know on our social media channels so we can take a visit on a sunny day.

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