The Girl With The Big Hair at Glasgow Film Festival

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Blogger at Glasgow Film FestivalWe invited blogger Yasmin, a.k.a. The Girl with the Big Hair, along to the Glasgow Film Festival. Here's what she has to say about her trip...

Last week I was invited along to the Glasgow Film Festival by ScotRail to enjoy a secret screening of The Lost Boys. Despite being an avid movie-lover (a black Cinecard definitely accounts for serious movie buff status!) I've surprisingly never attended the GFF so was excited to experience all that it has to offer.

The Girl with the Big Hair Glasgow Film Festival blog imageIf I'm honest, I’d never even heard of The Lost Boys before let alone seen it and I have this weird thing where I don’t like watching 'old' movies unless I grew up with them but given the circumstances I was willing to switch it up for the day. The ‘secret screening' aspect however really appealed to me - I've been an admirer of the Secret Cinema for years now so was excited to see where we'd end up.

After convincing my bestie to join me, we headed up to the Glasgow Film Theatre, sweeties in tow, to discover a sea of The Lost Boys fans eagerly waiting to board coaches to our secret location. Before setting off, a gang of motorbikes appeared, revving their bikes to create smoke clouds before leading the buses away. We weren’t entirely sure what this was all about at this point but everyone else seemed pretty excited by it so we went along with it.

The Girl with the Big Hair Glasgow Film Festival blog imageI anticipated that we'd drive five minutes up the road to our destination but fifteen minutes later we were at least ten miles down the motorway and any ideas I had about location were out the window. Soon a big wheel appeared in the distance and the whispering of guesses began to take over the bus - we were headed to M&Ds theme park.

The screening was set up inside a lavish marquee with an onsite bar, comic book stand and face painting area. We were also given passes to enjoy various rides in the theme park.

With an hour to spare, Jill and I took our chances at one of the less scary rides before grabbing food and getting a few snaps on the carousel - before we knew it the screening was about to begin.

The Girl with the Big Hair Glasgow Film Festival blog imageLed by a talk from the head of the GFF and a comic book creator it was obvious everyone was BUZZING about the movie beginning. Fast forward an hour and a half, the movie was ending to a roar of clapping and cheers (myself and Jill included).

I can honestly say this was one of my favourite movie experiences ever. Not only did I actually like the movie (which was surprisingly really funny) but the atmosphere of the crowd so made it special. The audience cheered and clapped throughout. Laughter was anticipated at each funny line and a few fans were even singing along to the soundtrack. The excitement from everyone was contagious.

Dropped back at the GFT, Jill and I walked down to Central Station to catch the train home. With the movie over, everything now started to make sense: motorbikes were a key part of the movie and it was set on a fairground. Missing posters that were dotted around the venue appeared in the movie and two of the main characters worked in a comic book store. I’m now suitably impressed by the attention to detail.

The Girl with the Big Hair Glasgow Film Festival blog imageScotRail is the official sponsor of this year's Glasgow Film Festival Audience Award. Running until Sunday (26 February) there's still plenty to see so be sure to check out what's coming up.

The Girl With The Big Hair

Yasmin is a lifestyle blogger from Glasgow - here is her blog The Girl with the Big Hair

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