Last updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2023

A love affair with Scotland.

We’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful country. The sparkling lochs, snow-capped mountains, iconic bridges, rugged coastlines and the beautiful beaches are just a few of the things we see from our trains that take our breath away. Not being able to access it all whenever we’ve wanted to over the last few months has made us appreciate it all the more.

Coming into July, we’ve turned a corner in that Scotland is slowly starting to reopen and people can travel further than five miles for leisure again. At the moment, we’re still asking people to only use the train if they have to. This is so that there’s plenty of space on board to socially distance for those that have no other way of travelling. We’re really looking forward to the days of being able to welcome everyone on board with no social distancing restrictions, but it’s still a way away just now.

However, the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel, and we can enjoy the glimmer of hope that life will get back to some sort of normal soon. With the prospect of being able to venture further from our homes and to visit the places that soothe our souls and make our hearts sing, we’ve been asking people where they can’t wait to get back to. We’d love to hear where you’re longing to visit again.

Here’s what some of our team members said when we asked them to share their Scotland with us.

Loch Fad, Rothesay, Isle of Bute

Image of Loch Fad, Rothesay, Isle of Bute

“I bore all my friends to tears about how Wemyss Bay is my favourite railway station, but it means you can hop straight off the train and onto a ferry to Rothesay. Loch Fad’s a 30~ minute walk from the ferry and it’s stunning! A great day out with some friends, in roasting hot weather and a picnic. And I even managed a quick pint in the town itself on my way back home!” – Ciaran, Social media team.

Druimuachdar Pass, Pass of Drumochter

The highest point on the rail network

“This was taken in the Pass of Drumochter - which is the main mountain pass between the northern and southern central Scottish Highlands and is the highest point on the rail network. I like this location because I think it's one of the most scenic and dramatic landscape settings in the country and along the Highland Main Line.” Chris, Trainee Driver, Motherwell

Pulpit Hill, Oban

Image from Pulpit Hill in Oban

"This shot was taken from Pulpit Hill in Oban, just five minutes from the station and the town centre, not that you could tell from the view! This is looking out across the Firth of Lorn towards Ardmanurchan, you can see the ferry from Barra arriving in the foreground. Sadly I wasn't travelling to the islands that day." – Angus, Social media team

Forth Rail Bridge, taken from Dalmeny Station

Image of Forth Rail Bridge from Dalmeny station

“I love this view of the Forth Rail Bridge from Dalmeny station because it gives such a different view to what you normally see. I’m always finding reasons to take a trip across the bridge because the views as you cross the Firth of Forth have got to be some of the best in Scotland.” – John, Community Liaison Executive

We can’t wait to see your favourite photos from across Scotland!