Coronavirus Travel Information

ScotRail is playing a critical role during the Coronavirus crisis to provide transport for those who absolutely have to travel.

The Scottish Government has reinstated lock down restrictions in Aberdeen. We are continuing to provide services in that area but customers should follow the very clear advice and only travel where absolutely essential.

The Government has made it clear that public transport should be used by those making necessary journeys only, to help ensure ScotRail staff and passengers can maintain a physical distance from each other in our stations and on trains.

If you’re unsure what we mean by a ‘necessary journey’ ask yourself if you could make the journey by walking or cycling instead. If you still feel that the journey must be made and choose to take the train, please understand that we cannot guarantee physical distancing on our trains.

We can’t wait to welcome you back onboard when the time is right, but for now only travel if necessary and always follow our Five Rules For Safer Travel.

Five Rules For Safer Travel

You must cover your face in our stations and on our trains. See here for guidance.

If you have to make a necessary journey, please follow these 5 rules for safer travel -

  1. Don’t travel if you feel unwell
  2. Avoid main commuting times (07:00 - 09:00, 16:00 - 18:30)
  3. Don’t board if you think it’s not safe
  4. Cover your face and maintain physical distancing
  5. Be patient - most seats need to be empty

Revised timetable

We’ve increased the number of services we operate. More than 90% of normal services are in operation, with 100% of normal capacity provided during peak travel hours. We’ve also moved to a minimum of one metre physical distancing on trains and at stations. Use our website or the ScotRail App to plan your journey.

What to expect in our stations

When you arrive in station, expect an increase in the time it takes to buy a ticket and board a train due to the measures in place to maintain physical distancing. Our major stations have floor markings and other signs to outline a safe distance, while some station facilities such as waiting rooms are closed.

Our ticket offices, and a small number of city centre ticket machines, are still accepting cash payments, however we urge customers to use card or contactless payment wherever possible. There may be occasions over the coming months when boarding your normal train may not be possible in busier times. Buying tickets in advance through the ScotRail App or website will reduce your need to wait.

For more travel advice and further information our response to COVID-19, click the links below.