Refund Request Form

If you abandoned your journey due to disruption or a cancellation, you can request a refund on any ticket type.

Due to the heavily discounted nature of season tickets, they have no refund value close to their expiry date. This means that we are unable to refund the last 12 weeks of an annual season ticket, the final seven days of a monthly season ticket, or the remaining three days of a weekly season ticket. Please see our Refunds page for more details.

Wondering how we calculate refunds for annual season tickets? Click here.

Due to Covid-19, we have temporarily changed our refund policy and we are no longer charging a £10 administration fee per ticket for refunds. You can learn more about our temporary refund policy here.

If you purchased your ticket on our website or in our mobile app (excluding Smartcard tickets) please log-in to your account, where you can request a refund.

For all other ticket purchases, including all Smartcard tickets, please complete the form below.

You will be asked to upload a photograph of your paper ticket in the Outward and/or Return Journey Details section of the form below. You should deface your tickets before photographing them. Click here to see an example of a defaced ticket.

If you purchased your ticket from a third party e.g. a travel agent, then please contact them directly.

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The information we gather on this form is required to process requests for ticket refunds. We'll always treat your personal details with respect and will never sell them to 3rd parties. You can read more details in our Privacy Policy.

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Please ensure you have completed all of the details above, and included journey information.