Keeping the kids entertained

If you’re looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained, here you’ll find lots of activities to keep you chugging along for the next wee while.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be adding lots of activities, quizzes, stories, behind the scenes facts and lots more to this page.

If there’s anything about the railway you would love to know about, drop us a tweet to @ScotRail and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

Happy Halloween

Keep your little ghosts and ghouls happy this Halloween with this colouring in sheet.

Get out your best pencils and enjoy some colouring in.

Download your colouring sheet here.

Home-school Help

Running out of steam on home-schooling? Download these fun factsheets on Scotland’s stations and hard-to-say places – great for little train enthusiasts!

Think you know how to pronounce these station names?

Download the worksheet

Check out these railway fun facts.

Download the factsheet

Have fun!

Mind the Gap

Did you know that there are 358 stations in Scotland? Let's take a trip and visit nine of these stations. You might notice something a little odd about the station names though - some of their letters are missing. Can you work out the missing letters?

Can you figure out the missing letters from the station names?

Download the puzzle

Once you've completed the puzzle, you can check your answers here.

Download the answers

Good luck!

More fun:

Once you've completed the puzzle, why don't you have a go at making some of the station signs up for your parents? Think of some stations you know of, perhaps close to your house or where you've travelled to before. Or make it extra hard for them and look at a map of the railway and pick a few stations out.

Write the station name down but miss out a few letters and see if someone can guess them.

I spy

You don't need to leave your house to take part in our game of I Spy. Take a look at the picture and see if you can find everything on the list.

Download your I Spy puzzle

Once you've spotted everything, take a look at the answers to see if you're right. .

Download the answers

More fun:

Once you've completed the puzzle, why don't you have a go at creating your own I spy puzzle? Have a look out of your own window and draw what you can see. Or use your imagination and draw what you wish you could see.

All aboard!

Fancy yourself as a future train driver?

Put your train driving skills to the test in this puzzle. Can you navigate the tracks to get the train driver back to the station? Be careful you don't end up in the buffers!

Download your train tracks here

Once you've completed your journey, take a look at the answer to see if you're on the right track.

Download the answer here

Wordsearch & quiz

Put your mind to the test with our next two puzzles.

It's time to put your searching skills to the test in our railway themed wordsearch. Once you've completed the wordsearch, put your railway knowledge to the test with a quick quiz.

In the quiz you'll see a number at the end of the question - this is how many letters are in the word, or words, you're looking for. Good luck!

Download your puzzle here

Once you've found all the words in the wordsearch and completed the quiz, take a look at the answers.

Download the answers

If you got all the questions right, big gold star for you!

More fun

Why not have a go at creating your own wordsearch for a member of your family or a friend to complete? Download the template below and you're good to go. Have fun!

Wordsearch template

My favourite train journey

Riding the train is a lot of fun. There are so many different things to see.

Why not think back to a train journey that you really enjoyed - where did you go? Who with? What did you like the most about it?

On this page you can write a wee story about your favourite trip on the train. Once you've writtern your story, colour the page in for the perfect way to remember a great day out.

Download your puzzle

Word scrambler

Think you know your railway stuff? We've taken lots of things that you would see travelling on the railway and scrambled their names up. Can you work out what they are?

Download your wordscrambler

Once you think you've worked it out, take a look at the answers to see if you're on the right track.

Download the answers

Careers Wordsearch

Did you know that there are loads of different jobs on the railway? It takes thousands of people to run a railway every day.

There are lots of front line staff you see whenever you travel by train plus a lot that work behind the scenes too. Behind the scenes you have the staff that work in depots to fix and clean the trains plus people that work in offices too. We've popped a few of these roles into the wordsearch and we've outlined what some of these jobs do. If you fancy working on the railway one day, you can always drop our social media team any questions you have.

Download your wordsearch

Think you've spotted all the jobs?

Check your answers