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In the late 19th Century, the Antarctic continent was still an uncharted wilderness. Here temperatures plummet to 50 degrees below zero; winds roar at over 90 mph and icebergs reach lengths of 20 miles and longer.

It was into this frozen wilderness that Captain Scott and the intrepid crew of RRS Discovery were to venture in search of scientific knowledge. At Discovery Point you can follow in their footsteps, see how they lived, what they ate and witness their hardships and their triumphs. It's a fascinating tale of one of the most heroic voyages of exploration ever undertaken.

The names of Scott and Shackleton ring down through the years, their places in the history of Polar exploration assured by their courage and endeavour. Over 40 other men and officers made up the ship's company. Each one was a hero in their own right, man-hauling sledges, across the ice, hunting seals and penguins for fresh meat and suffering the hardships of the harsh polar winter.

Discovery Point has won numerous awards and is also rated as a 5-star attraction with VisitScotland.

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