Glasgow Queen Street Station

Glasgow Queen Street (GLQ)

Glasgow Queen Street station
North Hanover Street
George Square
Glasgow City
G1 2AF

The redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street started on 7 August and is expected to last until Spring 2020. This work will give bring extended platforms to accommodate longer trains, fully accessible entrances on Dundas Street and George Square, an expanded concourse and new station facilities. To find out more visit the Glasgow Queen Street redevelopment website.

During the redevelopment access into the station is restricted to two entrances – Dundas Street and North Hanover Street. From Saturday 21 July, the main entrance on Dundas Street will move further down the street and the current low-level entrance will close. Access to low-level platforms will be via a walkway from platform 2 on the main concourse, with lift access from platform 7 as before.

There are Blue Badge spaces on West George Street, located on the north side of the road outside the Millennium Hotel.

There are two taxi ranks - one on West George Street, on the south side of the road opposite the Millennium Hotel, and another on North Hannover Street, outside the City of Glasgow College.

Customers who need assistance can request this in advance. Or there's a Passenger Assist stand in the centre of the concourse for turn-up and go assistance. Book assistance here