Keeping you safe and secure on Scotland’s Railway

Train travel is safe but that doesn’t mean we take your security for granted. Our priority is your personal safety and security. That’s why we have invested over £2 million over the last two years on tools that help us keep you safe. Many of these tools operate behind the scenes when you travel day to day. A dedicated team of people are constantly monitoring, communicating and advising customers every minute of every day to ensure that when a customer feels vulnerable, we are there to provide assurance.

Click on each of the personal security scenarios below for advice and information on the tools we have in place to keep you or your loved travelling with confidence.

Many customers chose to travel alone on the railway. Scotland can get dark very early in the winter months making some feel particularly vulnerable. ScotRail has a number of tools you can use:

  • Help point on every platform. A simple press of a button will connect to you a Customer Information Advisor 24 hours a day. This team will speak to you through the intercom and use CCTV cameras to keep an eye on you in the station. This team are trained to report anti-social and threatening behaviour to British Transport Police.
  • Oversight of unstaffed stations. Our people are trained to use CCTV cameras at every unstaffed station to specifically look out for customers travelling alone. If we see anything that isn’t right, we’ll use the station announcement system to alert you.
  • A member of staff on every train. Sometimes even two. All of our trains have a Conductor or a Ticket Examiner who will regularly patrol the train. Sometimes there is a Hospitality Assistant on board our longer distance trains. You can speak to them about any personal safety concerns you have.

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From time to time, some of our customers behave in a threatening or intimidating way that is unacceptable. ScotRail and British Transport Police do not tolerate this behaviour and deal with it in a number of ways.

  • Body-worn CCTV cameras. Over 300 of these cameras are available for our people to wear and are clearly marked as CCTV cameras. These cameras improve the safety of customers and staff, deter antisocial behaviour, and gather evidence when it does occur. These cameras benefit our customers as our people have found that disruptive passengers positively changed their behaviour when informed that they were being recorded and in some cases leave the train or station. Footage has even been used in prosecutions. can be used in a number of ways to prosecute these individuals.
  • ScotRail has invested almost £10 million in upgrading CCTV cameras on board our trains. CCTV images can be remotely downloaded from our trains and given to British Transport Police to investigate faster than ever before.
  • British Transport Police 61016 text service. You can reach out discretely to British Transport Police if you feel unsafe at a ScotRail station or on board a ScotRail train. The text number is monitored 24/7 and, while it is not for reporting emergencies, BTP will be able to send officers if required to assist you.
  • Emergency 999. The usual emergency telephone number 999 is always available to customers who have an emergency. Always dial 999 when you need an urgent police response such as:
    • A crime is happening
    • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
    • Someone is injured, being threatened or in danger

Find out more about text 61016

ScotRail has one of the strictest alcohol on trains policies in the UK. It is in place to make your journey more comfortable and safe. It is enforced by ScotRail and the British Transport Police.

Between 9pm and 10am you cannot carry visible alcohol, even if it is not opened, on trains or in stations. People who are noticeably drunk, or are acting in a disorderly way, will not be allowed to get on a train at any time of day. We regularly introduce further restrictions at other times to help maintain the safety and security of passengers, such as travel to and from football or rugby events.

Find out more about the alcohol ban

Whether it’s a planned solo trip or an unexpected journey, if a young person is travelling unsupervised on a ScotRail service, we’ll take special steps to ensure their safety.

  • Confused about travel or caught up in disruption. We have a help point at every station that you child can use to connect to a Customer Information advisor 24 hours a day. This team will speak to your child and use CCTV cameras to keep an eye on them. They will offer advice and take steps like arranging a taxi home if there is bad disruption or your child is upset. The advisors will ask for your number to let you know the plan to get your child home safe.
  • At a station alone. ScotRail’s next generation CCTV system can analyse movements of customers on the platform to determine if members of the public are in unsafe situations, allowing our CCTV monitoring team alert station staff. A child at a station alone who looks vulnerable would be reported for staff in the station, or the team will speak to the child through the help point on the platform.
  • No money to travel. If your child finds themselves stuck with no money, we have a process to get them home. We can issue a ‘ticket irregularity’. With a few details like name, address and contact number we can let your child travel home and you pay for the ticket the next day

Advice on preparing children for travelling alone

Our colleagues who work in ScotRail stations carry out up to 30 patrols and checks per day to pro-actively monitor the safety of a station.

If you see something suspicious while travelling on the ScotRail network, you should report it as soon as possible:

  • On train. Find the Conductor or Ticket Examiner on board the train. They will be patrolling the train regularly. If it is an emergency, call 999.
  • At a staffed station. Find a member of staff on the platform or the ticket office.
  • At an unstaffed station. Use the Help Point on the platform to report it or text British Transport Police on 61016. If it is an emergency, call 999.

Since 2015, ScotRail has placed additional CCTV cameras at 200 stations to monitor cycle parking areas. Cyclists are one of the biggest groups to benefit for the recent £2 million investment in our station security.

Thanks to these additional cameras, ScotRail staff will be able to remotely monitor bike shelters and quickly report suspicious behaviour to police.

Advice on keeping your bicycle safe