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You can put ScotRail Smart tickets on the following Smartcards when you buy tickets online from

  • SPT Subway Personalised Smartcard featuring your name and photo: all ScotRail Smart tickets
  • GrassHOPPER card: Flexipass 10, Anytime and Off-Peak singles and returns, Super Off-Peak Day Return. GrassHOPPER cards are not personalised so you cannot use for ScotRail Season Tickets

At the moment you can’t put ScotRail tickets on any other types of Smartcard, such as NEC, but more cards will be added in the future.

Log into My ScotRail to see details of your ScotRail tickets on your ScotRail Smartcard. Details are updated overnight so tickets you buy today will be shown in your online account tomorrow.

You can also check details of your ScotRail tickets at our ticket machines.

If your ScotRail ticket is on another Smartcard, contact the card issuer.

Product/Card issuer ScotRail Smartcard SPT Personalised Smartcard GrassHOPPER Smartcard
ScotRail ticket Log into My ScotRail
ScotRail ticket machine
SPT Smartcard team

GrassHOPPER team on 01467 533080 or [email protected]

SPT Subway ticket/credit SPT ticket machine
ScotRail Smartcard Team on 0344 811 0141
Log into SPT online account
SPT ticket machine
GrassHOPPER ticket Validator on board bus N/A Validator on board bus

ScotRail tickets

You can buy certain ScotRail tickets for your ScotRail Smartcard at our ticket machines. They’ll be loaded onto your card immediately and will appear in your My ScotRail account the next day.

SPT tickets and credit

You can buy SPT Subway tickets for your ScotRail Smartcard at SPT Subway ticket machines but these won’t appear in your My ScotRail account.

Note: You can’t buy ScotRail tickets for your SPT Subway Smartcard at our ticket machines yet.

Smartcard tickets are the same price as paper tickets, but some of our best value products will only be available on Smartcard, like our new Smart Super Off-Peak Day Return.

When you buy a Season Ticket on Smartcard you’ll get other exclusive benefits online:

  • A third off Standard Off-Peak Single and Return tickets for you and three adults aged 16+ when you're travelling together
  • A £5 First Class upgrade on off-peak travel for you and three adults travelling together on your usual Season Ticket route

Buy your Season Ticket on Smartcard for access to deals and discounts on high-street shopping, food, drink and travel with our new Smart rewards.

Follow the link to Smart rewards from your My ScotRail account. You'll only see the link if you have an active ScotRail Season Ticket on your Smartcard.

To browse all offers

  • Log into your My ScotRail account
  • Click the 'View details' button next to your Smartcard
    If you have more than one Smartcard, choose the one with your Season Ticket on it
  • Scroll down to the 'Tickets on this card' section and click on the 'Smart rewards' banner to see all current offers
  • Click on the offer title for full details, terms and conditions and to claim

Click View details on your My ScotRail dashboard

Smart rewards banner on the My ScotRail card details screen

As a Smart Season Ticket holder, buy online and you can also get:

  • A third off Standard Off-Peak single and return tickets for you and three friends when you travel together
  • A £5 First Class upgrade on Off-Peak travel for you and three friends travelling together on your usual Season Ticket route

The Under 25 Advance Purchase discount entitles you to 10% off Advance fares on ScotRail services, for Standard Class travel on a range of longer distance routes.

It is available to anyone under the age of 25, exclusively on Smartcard.

How to apply

  • Visit My ScotRail to sign up for a Smartcard or log into your existing Smartcard account
  • You'll be asked to provide your date of birth and, if you qualify, the Under 25 Advance Purchase entitlement will automatically be added to your Smartcard
  • ​Follow the instructions online to complete your order

​Buying tickets

  • Buy tickets online
  • Enter your journey details and select UNDER 25 ADVANCE from the Railcard drop down list
  • If an Advance fare is available for your selected journey, the prices shown will include the Under 25 Advance discount
  • Follow the instructions to purchase the ticket and put on your Smartcard​

Note: Normal conditions of Advance fares apply. Reservations are compulsory and will be made at the time of purchase - you'll need to present your booking confirmation along with your Smartcard when you travel.

You can make changes and get refunds on some tickets, with an administration fee.

Tickets on ScotRail Smartcards

Tickets on SPT Subway Smartcards

It can take a couple of seconds for your Smartcard to validate on the target area. If the problem continues, let one of the ScotRail team know and continue on your journey. If the problem continues, call our Smartcard team on 0344 811 0141.

If you’re travelling with an SPT Subway or GrassHOPPER Smartcard, hand your card to a member of ScotRail staff and let them know there’s a ScotRail ticket on it. They can check it with their Staff App. If the problem continues, contact the card issuer:

You’ll need to buy a new ticket for your journey.

You may be eligible for a refund of the replacement ticket under certain circumstances. Call our Smartcard team on 0344 811 0141 to find out more.

If your details have changed since you signed up for your My ScotRail account, you can update your name, address, email and phone number online:

  • Log into My ScotRail
  • Enter your email address and password and click 'Log in' to go to your account dashboard
  • Click on 'Edit account details' to update your name, address and phone number
  • To update your email address and/or password, follow the link at the bottom of the 'Edit account details' form
    (You'll be taken to My Account - update your details and tick the box to accept the T&Cs or the changes won't be saved)

If you've signed up with the wrong date of birth or want to cancel your Smartcard, please call our Smartcard team on 0344 811 0141.

Normally you only need one.

If you want to join Club 50 you’ll need a Club 50 Smartcard. If you want to buy Smart Season Tickets, you'll need a photo Smartcard (a Smartcard with a photo of you printed on it).

No, but every member of your family can have their own Smartcard.