Coronavirus Travel Guidance

Last updated: Tuesday 12 January 2021

All of mainland Scotland is currently under the Scottish Government’s level 4 restrictions. This means that it’s a legal requirement to only use public transport if your journey is essential.

Follow our five rules and stay safe

During Coronavirus, we’re all playing our part to ensure your safe journey and peace of mind. When you’re in our stations or on our trains, please remember to follow our Five Rules for Safer Travel and help keep Scotland’s Railway safe for everyone.

Rule 1: Don't travel if you feel unwell

If you have symptoms do not go to a station or board a train. Stay at home.

Rule 2: Avoid these main commuting times

Trains are busier during the peak hours - 07:00 - 09:00 and 16:00 - 18:30 - and you should avoid making journeys at these times. Travel at quieter times during the day if you can.

Rule 3: Don't board if you think it's not safe

Where possible maintain physical distancing. We can't guarantee physical distancing during your journey. To help with this you should not board the train if you think it is not safe to do so.

Rule 4: Cover your face and maintain physical distancing

This will help to protect you and other people.

Rule 5: Be patient, most seats need to be empty

Be patient with our staff who are there to help you and be patient with your fellow passengers also making essential journeys.

Your ticket to get back on track

Our staff are taking extra steps to ensure your safety and the cleanliness of our trains and, as always, are here to help with any questions around the new measures we’ve put in place.

Ready when you are

You'll see we've made some changes in stations and on board our trains as you start to travel with us again. As we all start to get back on track, these new measures are in place to ensure your safety and peace of mind.