Coronavirus Travel Guidance

Last updated: Monday 21 September 2020

Scotland’s Railway is playing a critical role in helping our country emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic - providing safe transport for those who need to travel by train.

Travel safer with our five rules

When you travel with us we ask you to follow these 5 simple rules to make travel for you and those around you, as safe as possible.

Rule 1: Don't travel if you feel unwell

If you have symptoms do not go to a station or board a train. Stay at home.

Rule 2: Avoid these main commuting times

Trains are busier during the peak hours - 07:00 - 09:00 and 16:00 - 18:30 - and you should avoid making journeys at these times. Travel at quieter times during the day if you can.

Rule 3: Don't board if you think it's not safe

Where possible maintain physical distancing. We can't guarantee physical distancing during your journey. To help with this you should not board the train if you think it is not safe to do so.

Rule 4: Cover your face and maintain physical distancing

This will help to protect you and other people.

Rule 5: Be patient, most seats need to be empty

Be patient with our staff who are there to help you and be patient with your fellow passengers also making essential journeys.

We’re playing our part to keep
Scotland’s Railway safe for everyone,
we need you to do the same

It’s critical that our passengers take personal responsibility for their travel choices, and follow our 5 rules for safer travel when using the railway. This includes wearing a face covering at all stages of your journey with ScotRail - in station and on train.

You safety is our priority

We’re doing everything we can to ensure your safe journey and peace of mind. Making an extra effort to keep our stations clean and provide a safer travel environment. Watch this film to find out more.

ScotRail Cleaning & Hygiene

Keep your distance

We’ve made changes in our stations and on our trains. Physical distancing can’t be guaranteed so we need everybody to continue to take personal responsibility for their travel choices.

ScotRail - Physical Distancing

Play your part and travel safely

We’re doing everything we can to keep Scotland moving during the Coronavirus crisis. If you are travelling by train, please play your part and follow our five rules for safer travel.

We have created an Easy Read version of our Coronavirus travel guidance in partnership with People First (Scotland), a disabled persons’ organisation campaigning for the rights of people with learning disabilities. You can download our Easy Read Coronavirus travel guidance here.

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