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Avoid a break in your journey...

Avoid a break in your journey...


Serious Accidents Can Happen.

As people spend so much time hurrying to catch their train, they often don’t realise how easy it can be to have an accident right here in the train station.

In fact, there were 33 accidents at Queen Street Station alone in the last year. And most of these were due to slips, trips or falls. Sometimes they result in minor cuts and bruises. But, running in the station, or not watching where you’re going, can also cause serious injuries and even the loss of limbs.



At the end of May we began touring with Big Yellow, starting with Queen Street station. Since then he's visited Aberdeen, Stirling and most recently Edinburgh Waverley on the 7th October.

Watch the video here.




 Check out our #bigyellow sign causing a stir ....




There were 336 injuries caused by unsafe
passenger behaviour last year.

Let's change that in 2013.







See How Easily Accidents Can Happen.

Although we all think we're being careful, sometimes just a momentary lapse can have devastating consequences.
For example, a 19 year old man got off a train in Ayrshire. As the train pulled away, he ran alongside it on the platform, waving to another friend who'd stayed on board. But in the process, he lost his footing and fell between the platform and the tracks. His injuries were so bad he lost his leg. Proving that one slip is all it takes for tradegy to strike.


Click here for some simple advice on how to avoid accidents at stations. 


Watch your step!

Concussion, broken bones and bloody noses are just some of the injuries incurred by passengers who don’t take their safety seriously.

Don’t let your next stop be A&E.



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