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Revenue Protection Policy

Revenue Protection Policy

ScotRail aims to be clear and transparent with customers in everything we do.  This guide sets out our revenue protection policy so you can be sure we act in a fair and consistent manner.

An effective revenue protection policy is important to reduce levels of ticketless travel.  Ensuring everyone has the correct ticket is in the interests of the vast majority of customers who do purchase the correct tickets, allowing us to invest in improving the service we provide to our customers each day.

We try to make purchasing a ticket as easy as possible, offering ticket sales at stations through our travel centres and booking offices, as well as via our numerous self service ticket machines.  We also provide options  to buy tickets online or from our Telesales outlet before you travel.  Where we do not offer ticket buying facilities at a station, we ensure that customers are able to buy the best value fares on train instead.

National Rail Conditions of Carriage

When you purchase a ticket to travel on the National Rail network you enter into agreement with the train companies whose trains you have the right to use.  The National Rail Conditions of Carriage (NRCoC) set out your rights and any restrictions to those rights.  Copies of the NRCoC are available from ScotRail booking offices or from

Buy before you board

Where ticket issuing facilities are provided at our stations, you should purchase your ticket before boarding the train.  If you board the train before buying a ticket, you will not be able to take advantage of any reductions, such as off peak fares or railcard discounts.  Where booking offices are closed or self service machines are not operational, we will take this into account.

Travelling with an invalid ticket

Where you are found to be travelling with a ticket that is not valid, for example beyond the destination on your ticket or with an off peak ticket during peak times, you will be required to pay the difference in price.  In some cases, for example travelling with an Advance ticket on a different train to the one booked, you will be asked to purchase a full new ticket.

If things go wrong

There are times when things don’t go as planned.  We know that tickets can get lost, people are the victims of crime or may miscalculate the amount of money they have.  If you find yourself with a problem, please speak to us – don’t just board a train and hope for the best.  We are able to process payments which allow for your ticket to be paid for by another person at any National Rail station.  There may also be circumstances where we will issue you with an authority to travel to allow you to complete your journey.

Minors and vulnerable adults

Our staff are trained to be able to assist vulnerable people.  We don’t want to see people stranded or without the means to get home.  If you find yourself in this situation please speak to a member of staff at the first available opportunity.  We have Help Point telephones at each of our stations where you can speak to a someone who can advise you.

Ticket Errors

If you are found to be travelling without a valid ticket, one of the options open to us is to issue a Travel Irregularity Report.  We will record the traveller’s full name and address, date of birth, as well as time, location and description of the incident.  A bill, including an administration fee, would then be issued by  post.