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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes

After careful consideration, we have decided not to allow customers or staff to smoke e-cigarettes on our trains or at stations or train depots.  Here’s why:

  • Their use may unsettle other passengers and cause people to think that smoking real cigarettes is allowed.
  • The British Medical Association (BMA) believes that e-cigarettes should be included in the ban on smoking in public places.
  • The BMA says there is a lack of rigorous, peer-reviewed studies to support the use of e-cigarettes as a safe and effective nicotine-replacement therapy.
  • It also says these devices may undermine efforts to prevent or stop smoking by making cigarette use seem normal in  public and at work.
  • In June 2013 the Government announced that it will introduce legislation that forces these products to be licensed in response to scientific and market research into their safety and quality.
  • The Medicines and Healthcare Regulations Authority (MHRA) says that in the meantime people should use licensed nicotine replacement products – gums, patches, mouth sprays etc – to reduce the harms of smoking.

If, in future, new information comes to light about the efficacy and health implications of e-cigarettes we will be happy to review this arrangement.