Business Travel Tickets

As business travel evolves, so do our tickets. With the working world looking very different to how it did a year ago, it’s important that we adapt and help you get the best value for your travel. That’s why we have a selection of tickets to cover regular travel, ad-hoc travel and group travel.

If you’re visiting Glasgow to attend a conference, you can find out more about our Conference Rover ticket here.

Below, you’ll find two of our most popular business products – Flexipass and Season ticket.


The 50 journey Flexipass is valid for travel between Edinburgh and Glasgow and is a great-value choice for ad-hoc travel on this route. You will receive a booklet of 50 paper tickets, each valid for one single journey. The tickets are valid for one year and can be used by any employee.

The key benefits of using a Flexipass are:

  • No time restrictions - valid for travel on any day, at any time
  • 10% cheaper than buying an individual ticket

Season Tickets

For regular travel on the same route, a Season ticket is a great way to save money. We have also found the Season ticket to be a popular choice when an employee is seconded to another office for a set period of time and the business is paying for travel.

The key benefits of a season ticket are:

  • Available as a weekly, monthly, annual or bespoke Season ticket, based on the needs of your business
  • No time restrictions – they’re valid for unlimited travel on your chosen route at any time, on any day of the week, for the duration of the ticket

In addition to Flexipass and Season tickets we can also assist you with booking Advance, Anytime and Off-peak tickets.

To learn more about ticket types to suit your business, request a virtual meeting:

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