Two Together Railcard

1/3 OFF rail fares with the Two Together Railcard

With a Two Together Railcard you can enjoy savings of 1/3 on fares across Britain, for any two named people aged 16 or over who travel together.

This could be your best friend, partner, favourite family member or anyone you ride the train with frequently. It’s easy to sign up for and costs just £30 for the year.

You can use the card on any off-peak service during the week and at any time on weekends. You just have to make sure that the two of you named and pictured on the card are travelling together to obtain the discount. You can’t use the card if there is only one of you travelling.

Having the card is the perfect excuse to plan lots of great trips to town, days out with a friend, or breaks away with your other half. Keep an eye out for any special cheap tickets on the ScotRail website as your discount can be applied to these too, making for a fantastic bargain journey.

Apply for your railcard at

Check out the table below and see what savings you can make:


Off peak return without railcard

Off peak return with railcard


Edinburgh > Glasgow

£13.60 £9.00 £4.60

Ayr > Glasgow

£11.20 £7.40 £3.80

Edinburgh > Inverness

£56.20 £37.10 £19.10

Stirling > Perth

£8.80 £5.80 £3.00
Aberdeen > Inverness £31.70 £20.95


Any two people that travel together can apply for the railcard. You don’t have to be related.

No, both people named and pictured on the card must be present to be eligible for the discount. If you use it with just one person present, you will be charged the full fare.

A Two Together Railcard costs £30 for one year.

You can use it for travel on off-peak trains during the week and any time at weekends.