Car parking

We operate car parks at 158 of our stations.

ScotRail car parks are covered by CCTV and give convenient and secure access to our stations. Most offer free parking, or are free for rail users. There are parking fees at 20 of our stations.

All of our car parks operate on a first come first served basis and can get very busy during peak periods.

A number of car parks at or near our stations are run by local authorities or private operators. Our station pages detail the car parking facilities available, including car park operator, the number of spaces, opening times and any parking fees (where known). Car park information is listed under 'Interchange'.

Check the details for your station here

Paying for your parking

There are several different ways to pay for parking at our car parks:

Where available, you can buy weekly, monthly and annual car park passes from the station ticket office. This doesn’t guarantee you a parking space in your chosen station car park.

Blue Badge parking

If you’re a Blue Badge holder you can park for free in our car parks. You must display your Blue Badge correctly in the car windscreen.

If there are no designated Blue Badge parking spaces available for any reason, you may park free of charge in any other public, non-restricted parking space in the car park.

Electric vehicle charging

We now offer fast-charging facilities at 56 of our stations.

The chargers are available to all customers parking at the station and are free to use. Normal parking charges still apply. A complete charge from the 22kW supply typically takes around four hours, twice as fast as plugging-in at home.

We’re part of the ChargePlace Scotland network who offer a customer membership service. For details of all the charge points available and how to apply for your membership RFID card, visit the ChargePlace Scotland website

Our car parks charge a parking fee at the following stations:

Station Cost Payment type Spaces
Aberdeen £3.50 for 4 hours | £6.00 for 4+ hours Barriers 188
Airdrie £1.50 per day | free for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 139
Arbroath £1.00 per day Pay & display/RingGo 18
Ayr £3.00 per day | free for rail users Barriers 214
Cupar £1.00 per day Pay & display/RingGo 116
Dumfries £2.00 per day | £0.50 for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 134
Dunbar £4.00 per day peak | £2.00 off-peak Pay & display/RingGo 76
East Kilbride £1.50 per day | free for rail users Barriers 287
Falkirk High £2.50 per day Barriers 206
Gourock £3.00 per day | free for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 111
Helensburgh Central £3.00 per day | free for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 18

Front car park:
£2.00 for 2 hours (max stay)

Rear car park:
£0.60 up to 20 minutes
£1.20 up to 1 hour
£4.00 up to 6 hours
£6.00 up to 24 hours
£10.00 up to 3 days*
£5.00 per day thereafter*

Pay & display/RingGo

​*From ticket booking office

Kilmarnock £3.00 per day | free for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 101
Newcraighall £0.50 per day Pay & display/RingGo 560
Oban £3.00 per day | free for rail users Barriers 30
Paisley Gilmour St £3.00 per day Barriers 75
Perth £3.00 per day Pay & display/RingGo 160
Pitlochry £1.50 per day Pay & display/RingGo 12
Stirling £3.50 per day Barriers 276
Wemyss Bay £3.00 per day | free for rail users Pay & display/RingGo 107

ScotRail Railway Car Park Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. They relate to your use of our car parks at ScotRail stations. The use of ScotRail car parks is also regulated by the Railway Byelaws as described in Term 5 below.

Dated: December 2016

1. Parking Charges

Any parking charges applying at our car parks will be displayed on signage at the car park and on our website. You are obliged to pay the parking charges via a valid payment method in accordance with the instructions provided, as supplemented by these Terms, and failure to do so may result in us issuing you with a Parking Charge Notice (please refer to Term 3).

2. Prohibitions

The following activities are prohibited throughout all of our car parks:

  • Parking or waiting in a restricted area or an area designated for the use of specific users when you are not entitled to do so (for example, parking in a space designated for disabled persons without an appropriate disability badge displayed or parking in a space for electric vehicles when you are not using the charging facility).
  • Towing of a vehicle/trailer without prior specific permission.
  • Repairing or cleaning of a vehicle.
  • Causing an obstruction or inconvenience.
  • Failing to park correctly within the marked bays.
  • Not displaying a valid ticket, where required.
  • Exceeding permitted time.
  • Passing of a valid ticket from one vehicle to another.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout all railway property, including our car parks.
  • Taking photos or filming without our written consent.
  • Camping and the use of Camper vans greater than 7.5t.
  • HGV’s & PSV’s (greater than 12 seats), unless prior written consent has been granted.
  • Horse & carriages.
  • Selling of any items, offering items for sale and gambling.
  • Exceeding the permitted speed limit of 5mph or related activities (i.e. car park racing/drag racing/drifting or other similar activities).
  • Any children or animals left in a vehicle will be reported to the Police immediately and ScotRail staff, or its servants, may undertake sufficient actions to release any children or animals locked in a vehicle and any damage caused to a vehicle howsoever or whatsoever will be responsibility of the vehicle owner.
  • Vehicles causing unnecessary noise, vibration or exhaust fumes.
  • The depositing of any litter or refuse of any kind in the car park property other than in proper receptacles provided for the purpose.
  • Use of the ScotRail electric vehicle charge points is limited to non-commercial rail customers only. ScotRail reserves the right to withdraw the use of the charge points and/or introduce a charge for customers whom are utilising the charge points excessively and are in breach of the fair use policy.

3. Important – Parking Charge Notices

3.1 ScotRail reserves the right to issue or impose a Parking Charge Notice in respect of any vehicle parked in breach of these Terms. The Parking Charge Notice will require you to pay any unpaid parking charges together with an additional amount representing an estimate of the additional expenses we will incur as a result of your non-compliance (including debt recovery costs) (the “Parking Charge”).

3.2 Specific details about the Parking Charge payable are available in each car park. Details/information relating to how to pay the Parking Charge, deadlines for payment, what will happen if you fail to make payment within the stipulated deadline, and the appeal process will be set out on the Parking Charge Notice.

4. Access and Re-location of vehicles

4.1 ScotRail reserves the right to refuse the admission of any vehicle to our car parks for any reason whatsoever. We reserve the right to move vehicles within the car park, using whatever method we consider necessary (even if, as a consequence, damage is caused to your vehicle) to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for the purposes of safety to persons or property, or to avoid obstruction at the car parks.

4.2 ScotRail reserves the right to move vehicles within a car park or to any other convenient location if in its reasonable judgement it is necessary or desirable to avoid obstruction or where the car park has to be temporarily closed or evacuated in cases of emergency.

4.3 To the extent that it is necessary to do so in the exercise of the rights conferred upon us in this Term 4, we reserve the right to drive or otherwise take your vehicle onto a public highway. In doing so we will take reasonable care of the vehicle.

5. Railway Byelaws

In addition to the other requirements of these Terms, the use of our car parks is regulated by the Railway Byelaws, under which parking in contravention of a traffic sign, in a manner designed to cause an obstruction, or without paying any applicable charges are all prohibited. Breach of the Railway Byelaws may result in your vehicle being removed from our car park under the direction of a lawful authority.

6. Monitoring of Car Parks

We may deploy CCTV cameras and/or Automatic Number Plate Recognition in our car parks for monitoring and enforcement purposes and to assist in their proper running. In addition, Vehicles Registered Keepers’ details may be requested from the DVLA using information derived by these means.

7. Abandoned Vehicles

7.1 We are entitled to regard as abandoned any vehicle left in a car park for more than 28 days without prior notification and which is not known by us to be covered by a current valid season or other ticket or booking.

7.2 We reserve the rights to engage and/or permit a lawful authority to remove (or where we are unable to identify the current legal registered keeper of the vehicle, to take steps ourselves to remove) and to dispose of as waste or sell any abandoned vehicle. Before proceeding with the disposal or sale of abandoned vehicles we will:

a) Refer the matter to the appropriate authorities, which may include the local police and the DVLA; and

b) Affix a notice to the vehicle at least 7 days before the date on which we propose to remove the vehicle stating that the vehicle will be removed and sold when that period expires.

7.3 Abandoned vehicles will be disposed of as waste or sold by auction. Where sold by us, the proceeds of sale will be applied in and towards satisfaction of all sums owing to us together with the expenses of sale and our reasonable storage and removal costs for the period during which the vehicle is in our possession.

7.4 Any balance of the sale proceeds remaining after satisfaction of any sums owing will be held by us on behalf of the registered keeper of the vehicle and paid over on proof of entitlement.

8. ScotRail’s liability

8.1 We must operate our car parks with reasonable skill and care (“our obligations”). If we do not, we are only responsible for direct loss or damage you suffer as a foreseeable result of our breach of our obligations or our negligence or the negligence of our employees.

8.2 We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors.

8.3 Although we owe you the obligations set out at Terms 8.1 and 8.2 above, you should be aware that our car parks open to the general public. We cannot guarantee that members of the general public will not enter our car parks and cause damage to property and/or engage in criminal activity. Accordingly, you park your vehicle in our car park at your own risk. We cannot and do not guarantee the security of your vehicle and/or its contents.

9. Company Information

“ScotRail”/”us” means


(Registered in Scotland No. SC450732)

Whose registered office is at 5th Floor, Culzean Building, 36 Renfield Street, Glasgow G2 1LU

If you have any queries relating to parking, please contact our Customer Services Department on 0344 811 0141 or email us at [email protected]

To report safety issues, please use Help Points, speak to rail staff or call us between 7am and 10pm on 0344 811 0141.