Cycling facilities

We're investing in cycling facilities across our network.

Improvements include more cycle parking spaces at our stations, new two-tier racking systems, and staffed Cyclepoints coming soon.​


We'll be introducing Cyclepoints at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. With a one-stop-shop approach, they'll bring together secure cycle parking, maintenance, bike hire and advice for cyclists within some of our main stations.

Cyclepoints are planned at:

  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow Queen Street, being delivered as part of the station redevelopment
  • Stirling, being delivered as part of the station redevelopment


Cycleparks are our dedicated cycle parking facilities at stations. So far we've created additional cyclepark facilities at 44 locations across Scotland.

Check the cycle spaces at your station

Cycle parking is included under the 'Interchange' heading on our station pages.

Using our facilities

We've installed Falco two-tiered cycle racks at some of our stations. The racks provide easy and accessible storage for bikes. Not used a two-tier cycle rack before? We've put together some hints and tips for you:

  1. Pull out the upper tier fully and gently lower it to the floor
  2. Place the front wheel of your bike into the rack and then wheel your bike onto the rack allowing the rear wheel to sit in the recess at the back
  3. Lift the rack, whilst supporting the bike, and then push it ‘home’ until it locates over the stop position
  4. Lock your bike securely to the rack - there are several locking points to choose from
  5. Repeat step 1 to remove your bike, then push the upper tier back into position to prevent injury to other users and members of the public

Cycle security

Keep the bike safe while you’re out and about. The British Transport Police have some simple ideas to make life extremely difficult for thieves:

Cycle security tips from British Transport Police