City to city routes

Travelling between Scotland's seven cities?

Find out more about our city to city routes including timetables, journey times, ticket prices and departure boards for direct trains in the next two hours. Plan your journey and buy train tickets online.

Trains to Aberdeen

Dundee to Aberdeen Edinburgh to Aberdeen Glasgow to Aberdeen Inverness to Aberdeen Perth to Aberdeen Stirling to Aberdeen London to Aberdeen Manchester to Aberdeen Birmingham to Aberdeen Liverpool to Aberdeen Newcastle to Aberdeen

Trains to Dundee

Aberdeen to Dundee Edinburgh to Dundee Glasgow to Dundee Inverness to Dundee Perth to Dundee Stirling to Dundee London to Dundee Manchester to Dundee Birmingham to Dundee Liverpool to Dundee Newcastle to Dundee

Trains to Edinburgh

Aberdeen to Edinburgh Dundee to Edinburgh Inverness to Edinburgh Perth to Edinburgh Stirling to Edinburgh Glasgow Central to Edinburgh Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh London to Edinburgh Manchester to Edinburgh Birmingham to Edinburgh Liverpool to Edinburgh Newcastle to Edinburgh

Trains to Glasgow

Aberdeen to Glasgow Dundee to Glasgow Inverness to Glasgow Perth to Glasgow Stirling to Glasgow Edinburgh to Glasgow Central Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street London to Glasgow Manchester to Glasgow Birmingham to Glasgow Liverpool to Glasgow Newcastle to Glasgow

Trains to Inverness

Aberdeen to Inverness Dundee to Inverness Edinburgh to Inverness Glasgow to Inverness Perth to Inverness Stirling to Inverness London to Inverness Manchester to Inverness Birmingham to Inverness Liverpool to Inverness Newcastle to Inverness

Trains to Perth

Aberdeen to Perth Dundee to Perth Edinburgh to Perth Glasgow to Perth Inverness to Perth Stirling to Perth London to Perth Manchester to Perth Birmingham to Perth Liverpool to Perth Newcastle to Perth

Trains to Stirling

Aberdeen to Stirling Dundee to Stirling Edinburgh to Stirling Glasgow to Stirling Inverness to Stirling Perth to Stirling London to Stirling Manchester to Stirling Birmingham to Stirling Liverpool to Stirling Newcastle to Stirling

Trains to London

Aberdeen to London Dundee to London Edinburgh to London Glasgow to London Inverness to London Perth to London Stirling to London

Trains to Manchester

Aberdeen to Manchester Dundee to Manchester Edinburgh to Manchester Glasgow to Manchester Inverness to Manchester Perth to Manchester Stirling to Manchester

Trains to Birmingham

Aberdeen to Birmingham Dundee to Birmingham Edinburgh to Birmingham Glasgow to Birmingham Inverness to Birmingham Perth to Birmingham Stirling to Birmingham

Trains to Liverpool

Aberdeen to Liverpool Dundee to Liverpool Edinburgh to Liverpool Glasgow to Liverpool Inverness to Liverpool Perth to Liverpool Stirling to Liverpool

Trains to Newcastle

Aberdeen to Newcastle Dundee to Newcastle Edinburgh to Newcastle Glasgow to Newcastle Inverness to Newcastle Perth to Newcastle Stirling to Newcastle