Passenger charter

Our commitment to safety and high quality service.

Our Passenger Charter lays out our commitment to you – from how to plan your journey, arrange extra help if you need it, and buy tickets, through to making a complaint.

It lets you know what to expect if things go wrong and how to make a claim through our Delay Repay scheme if you're delayed. It also sets out our performance and quality targets for the coming year.

The charter explains how we’ll keep you updated about how we're doing, and how you can get in touch with us should you need to.

Find a printed copy of the Passenger Charter in staffed stations, or contact our Customer Relations team

Find out more about making a complaint

ScotRail Passenger Charter

Our Passengers’ Charter sets out our promise to you.

We want you to enjoy every aspect of travelling with us, whether it’s your first journey or you’re a regular customer. This Charter is a statement of our commitment to provide the safe and high-quality service that you have the right to expect.

Download a PDF copy of the Passengers' Charter

We want you to enjoy every part of travelling with us, whether it’s your first journey or you’re a regular customer. This charter sets out our commitment to provide the safe and high-quality service that you have the right to expect.

We believe that when you travel with us, you should receive a great service throughout your journey.

As such, we will:

• provide a friendly and professional service, as well as safe, clean, and reliable trains that run on time;

• make it easy for you to do business with us, from buying your tickets to sharing your feedback;

•listen to you, and treat you fairly when things go wrong.

This document contains details about how to plan your journey, buy tickets and arrange extra help if you need it. It also explains what to expect if things go wrong. And with our ‘Delay Repay’ scheme, we explain how to make a claim if you are delayed.

Running a reliable, punctual railway for the people of Scotland is important to us. We have made it easier than ever before for you to get in touch with us, whether for help or to give us comments. At the end of this booklet there are details of all the ways that you can contact us.

Scotland’s railway system is changing. New trains will be faster, longer and more environmentally friendly, and there is investment in infrastructure (for example, tracks, equipment and stations and services).

The transformation of our railway system improves connections between businesses and customers, between people and job opportunities, and between communities. It contributes to Scotland’s growth and prosperity, and it is an exciting period for everyone involved.

So our railway system plays a much bigger role than the journey from A to B. We intend to play an important part of a national transport network through, for example, our commitment to expand cycle parking across the network and make journeys more convenient with Smartcards.

We will work alongside our industry colleagues, including Transport Scotland, local authorities, regional transport partnerships, community rail partnerships and others to further improve the services, products, facilities and information on offer to our customers.

We have also created a closer working relationship with Network Rail Scotland, under the ScotRail Alliance, to improve what we do, provide the very best for our customers and transform our railway.

We will provide a railway system that improves connections, reduces journey times and improves our customers’ experience.

A series of investments are being made to bring about real improvements to services and customer experience. Examples of improvements are as follows:

• Brand new trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow, on a new electrified line, to offer faster journey times and more seats

• Fully refurbished, high-quality trains to serve the seven great cities of Scotland

• A commitment to providing cycle parking and linking cycle and rail facilities across the network. We have already delivered 1,269 new cycle-parking spaces since 1 April 2015. Our Bike & Go cycle-hire scheme is now available at 11 stations across the network

• The introduction of the ScotRail Smartcard. Season ticket ScotRail Passenger Charter 6 holders with annual, monthly or weekly tickets are already using Smartcards on all routes. For more on Smartcard, click here

• The creation of ten community rail partnerships (CRPs) across the country, which will involve ScotRail and the community working together to benefit local areas

• The creation of ten community rail partnerships (CRPs) across the country, which will involve ScotRail and the community working together to benefit local areas

• Investment in more than 400 workshops for our staff, to help us improve the service we provide to customers. These workshops will focus on making improvements across all areas of the business

• An online panel of thousands of customers who provide us with feedback and suggestions. We make improvements based on this invaluable information. You can find out more about joining this online panel here.

We are committed to providing you with clear and concise information about your travel plans and your journey. This is available in a number of ways:

This website can provide you with detailed information and tools to help you plan your journey. Specifically you can:

  • Find details about train services, specific station facilities and opening times of ticket offices
  • Download regular timetables and check any changes to train times
  • Purchase tickets and arrange to collect them from a station, have them sent to you by post, or collect them using your Smartcard
  • Check train performance at individual stations and live route performance
  • Find details of special offers and events

Our free ScotRail app is available to download for iOS and Android. You can securely purchase tickets for travel anywhere in Britain, buy tickets up to 10 minutes before departure on certain routes, and view live travel updates and service information.

You can reach our Social Media team on Twitter @ScotRail.

They can provide updates about disruption and answer any questions you may have, from 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 10pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can also visit for more offers and competitions.

You can speak to station or on-train staff or use one of our Help Points for information about trains, journey planning, tickets or general advice. Details of staffing and opening times of ticket offices are available on our website and at stations.

We publish timetables, which are available on our website, on posters and leaflets at our stations, and by contacting Customer Relations. You can also get information about train times from our app.

Our train times are often adjusted in line with the national network, usually every six months. When this happens, new timetables will be available for collection 14 days before the change is introduced.

You can contact our Customer Relations team for general enquiries, or to get help and advice. We are open between 7am and 10pm Monday to Sunday (except 25th December, 26 December and 1st January). Opening hours on public holidays may vary. You can contact us in a number of ways, whichever suits you best.

Email [email protected]
Telephone 0344 811 0141

ScotRail Customer Relations
PO Box 27129
G2 9LH

National Rail Enquiries provide information about train times, fares and ticket types, access and help in planning your journey, as well as finding live train information.

Telephone 03457 48 49 50

Their phone line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and calls are charged at local rates. Calls may be monitored. You can also call TrainTracker on 0871 200 49 50 or text 34950 for current train times.

This is an independent source of information about public transport and therefore includes details of train, buses, coaches and trams across Scotland.

Telephone 0871 200 22 33

We are introducing a range of new measures to make sure your journeys to and from our stations are faster and easier than ever. For detailed information about cycle, bus, ferry and air connections, click here.

We are keen to promote the use of cycling within your journey. We have a wide and increasing range of cycle - parking facilities, and cycle lockers at our stations. For full details of each station’s facilities, please see our website.

We don’t charge for taking your bike on our trains. However, cycle spaces are limited, and reservations are needed for many of our long-distance journeys. For full list of services this applies to, click here. You can make a reservation online by phoning us on 0344 811 0141, or by visiting a staffed station.

In all other circumstances, spaces are available on a first-come first-served basis. As we run busy commuter trains, we may not be able to accept cycles on them (except folding cycles) at the
busiest times.

For many of our main stations, you can add a PlusBus option from £1.50. This gives unlimited bus travel at your starting point or destination. For more information about PlusBus, please click here, or speak to our Customer Relations team or station staff.

You must buy and carry a valid ticket, or hold another authority to travel, for the journey you are making. It is your responsibility to check that you have the right ticket for the right train. This includes checking any time restrictions which may apply to your ticket.

Guide to peak train times

This is a general guide and you should check the time restrictions for your journey before you leave as these can vary. Please make sure that you leave plenty of time to catch your train when buying or collecting a ticket from a station.

Region Off Peak Times
Within Strathclyde Those timetabled to depart before 9am Monday to Friday
Central Belt

Those timed to depart before 9.15am Monday to Friday

Any service departing from Glasgow Queen Street or Central, or Edinburgh Waverley or Haymarket, between 4.43pm and 6.10pm Monday to Friday

The 6.15pm from Edinburgh to Queen Street

The 6.15pm from Queen Street to Edinburgh.(Exception: Passengers can use off peak tickets on the 5.56pmservice to Glasgow Central via Shotts)

Longer Distance Those timetabled to depart before 9.16am Monday to Friday (Exception: off peak tickets may be used on the 7:01am Stranraer to Ayr)

The National Rail Conditions of Travel set out the legal agreement we enter into with you when you buy a ticket from us or another provider. You can get a copy of the conditions online, or from our Customer Relations team.

When getting a train from a station that sells tickets, you must buy your ticket before you get on the train. If you don’t, you will need to pay the full fare.

This means you won’t receive any discounts, such as Railcard discounts, or be able to take advantage of off-peak fares. This may mean you end up paying more than is necessary.

When getting a train from a station which does not have any facilities for selling tickets, or where these facilities are not currently available (for example, the ticket office is closed, the ticket machine is broken,) buy your ticket at the first opportunity, from either our on-train staff or at the end of your
journey. You will then be able to take advantage of any Railcard discounts and time restrictions.

If a disability prevents you from buying a ticket before you get on the train, our staff will still sell you the most appropriate ticket, and allow Railcard discounts where appropriate.

We offer a wide range of tickets, including Anytime, Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak, Advance and Season Ticket options. First-class tickets are also available for some of our longer routes. Please see our website, visit staffed stations or call Customer Relations for details of tickets and advice about choosing which best suits your needs.


A wide range of tickets are available,including discounted tickets. We can send you your tickets by post, depending on how far in advance you’re travelling (you may have to pay a small fee), or you can collect your tickets from a ticket machine (see below). If the station you are travelling from doesn’t have a ticket machine, you can collect them from the booking office.

From Ticket machines

We are increasing the number of ticket machines at stations. Our ticket machines sell a range of tickets for popular destinations and accept most credit cards and debit cards, with some machines accepting cash. When using a ticket machine, please make sure the ticket you choose is valid for the journey you are making.

Over the phone

You can call 0344 811 0141, from 7am to 10pm any day. You can choose between having your tickets posted to you, or you can collect them from a ticket machine. If you are collecting the tickets from a ticket machine, you can buy them up to 10pm the night before.

Using our app

You can buy almost any ticket through our app and arrange to collect it from one of our ticket machines.

At stations

You can buy a range of tickets from ticket offices at staffed stations. We will accept most credit cards and debit cards, cash, National Rail vouchers and rail warrants. Opening hours are advertised at staffed stations and on our website We understand that we need to serve you in time for you to catch your train. We ask our staff at ticket offices to monitor queuing times and do their best to serve you within five minutes at peak times and within three minutes in the off-peak period.

From travel agents

Some rail approved travel agents also sell National Rail tickets.


We are significantly increasing the use of Smartcards across the network, changing the way Scotland travels.

Smartcards are the size of a normal debit card, and contain an electronic chip which allows rail tickets to be stored and read electronically.

We are introducing an increased variety of ticket types on Smartcard. You can buy Smartcards online or at ticket machines. Tickets can be uploaded onto your Smartcard at ticket machines, platform validators and ticket gates.

Learn more about Smartcard here.

Our Price Promise

Our price promise scheme helps you get the best-value tickets. This means that if you buy a ticket from our stations or website, and then find the same ticket (or combination of tickets) cheaper with other retailers, we will refund you the difference. For full details and terms and conditions, click here.

Information about our stations and our trains.

You can reserve seats on many of our trains, particularly longer routes. Reservations are free with a valid ticket and can be arranged up to 6pm the day before you travel. If we are unable to give you the seat you’ve booked, we will try to reseat you elsewhere on the train. If we cannot do this, we will offer National Rail travel vouchers as an apology. To claim these, contact Customer Relations within 28 days of your journey, letting us know which train you were taking and providing us with a copy of your ticket (or other authority to travel). To help us process your claim quickly – and to avoid your claim being rejected – have your ticket signed by a member of our station or on - train staff to confirm that the seat was not available.

A number of our services (as shown on our timetables) have a trolley service, selling a variety of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches and light snacks. We have a wide range of food and drink on our trollies, from local Scottish suppliers wherever possible. Regular quality checks are carried out to make sure that this service meets the high standards we have set.

Our priority is your safety and security. We have CCTV at many of our stations, and we work closely with the British Transport Police (BTP) to protect you. BTP offer a text service for passengers to use for issues that do not need an immediate emergency response. The text number is 61016 and the service is monitored at all times. We offer a range of resources, advice and information to help you to stay safe when you travel with ScotRail.

Safety notices are displayed throughout our trains, and we encourage you to read these each time you travel.

Take care on stations and trains. Give yourself plenty of time for your journey, don’t run – especially on stairs and escalators – and use handrails where provided.

Be particularly careful in wet or cold weather as platforms can be slippery when wet.

Don’t leave luggage where people can trip over it, and be aware that unattended luggage will cause a security scare, which can cause delays. Please don’t cycle, skateboard, hoverboard or rollerblade in stations or on railway property.

For more information visit our station safety page webpage here.

Please note: We will not tolerate abuse towards our staff. Any person being abusive or threatening may be removed from the train or station and be charged with a criminal offence.

Smoking and vaping or using e-cigarettes is not allowed on any of our trains or at stations, including open platforms.

Our alcohol policy aims to improve customer comfort and safety. It is enforced by us and the British Transport Police.

Between 9pm and 10am you cannot carry visible alcohol, even if it is not opened on trains or in stations. People who are noticeably drunk, or are acting in a disorderly way, will not be allowed to get on a train at any time of day.

We may introduce further restrictions at other times to help maintain the safety and security of passengers.

For enquiries about lost property please contact our lost property team on:

Telephone 0141 335 3276

Items left at our stations or on our trains are stored at Glasgow Queen Street station, where you can collect them. We charge a small fee for returning items to you. We cannot send items to you in the post or return them in any other way.

Please note that items left at Glasgow Central or Edinburgh Waverley will be stored at these stations.

We will provide disabled bays for our blue badge customers, review the number of bays needed and monitor their use regularly.

Although we aim to offer our customers car parking spaces, drop off spaces (20 minutes maximum stay), disabled bays, electric vehicle bays and taxi bays we cannot guarantee to do so.

Where CCTV is fitted we will monitor its use and ensure the system is working.
We will seek to remove litter, graffiti, fix any damages to the car park and ensure all equipment e.g. barriers, gates, ticket dispensers etc. are in working order.

Where a car park is charged we will do our best to ensure any payment systems are fully functioning.

Car park signage will give our customers clear information on the key points of our terms and conditions. Read our full car park terms and conditions here

ScotRail operate a car park enforcement system which may result in the issue of a parking charge notice, i.e. “penalty ticket” for any breach of our terms and conditions. The issue of the penalty ticket, monitoring, management and enforcement of any penalty tickets will be undertaken in a professional, fair
and timely manner.

We welcome disabled customers and those who need extra help using our services. We support the rail industry’s Passenger Assist booking system and can help you book your journey anywhere on the national rail network.
For more information, please visit our website or any staffed station. We also have specialist helplines.

Phone (free) 0800 912 2901 (between 7am and 10pm each day)
Textphone 18001 0800 912 2 901 (for people who are hard of hearing)

We also publish a more detailed Making Rail Accessible guide. This sets out our policies and our commitment to disabled customers. The guide is available free of charge on our website, at staffed stations, or from Customer Relations. It is available from Customer Relations in various formats (such as in large print, in Braille or as an audio version).

We provide help to disabled people throughout our network, whether or not the journey is booked in advance. However, to make sure we can provide the best level of help, you should contact us to arrange help at least three hours before your journey starts, and at least 24 hours before journeys beyond the ScotRail network.

Many of our stations are not staffed or are not fully staffed. If there are no staff available at the station you are travelling from, our on train staff will help you with getting on and off the train. We provide all types of help at staffed stations, as long as it’s within the immediate environment of the station. We guarantee to help you off the train as soon as possible, and within five minutes for stations at the end of the line.

For more on accessible travel, click here.

Planned engineering works, unplanned engineering works and disruption.

Sometimes engineering work needs to be carried out to make the railway better. We work with Network Rail to keep disruptions caused by engineering work to a minimum, but sometimes train journeys are longer or diverted during planned engineering work. And some services may be replaced by bus or other suitable services.

The best way to keep up to date with changes to train times is through our website, which displays details of planned work at least 12 weeks in advance. We also have posters at stations at least seven days before planned work, and more detailed summaries are available from staffed stations 14 days in advance.

Sometimes emergency work means that we have to introduce a temporary timetable for a period of time, or make shortterm alterations to services. Live train information is updated on our website, app, customer information screens and from staffed stations. We also send JourneyCheck alerts to your smartphone if you are registered for this service. Full details
are given on our website.

You can also get information about disruption from Twitter(@ScotRail) or from National Rail Enquiries.

During a disruption we always aim to give you clear information as quickly as possible so that you can make alternative travel arrangements. If the delay is more than one hour, we will help you get to your destination using either scheduled bus or tram services, or by rail replacement services. Our Alternative Transport Policy can be found here.

If there is a delay after your train has started its journey, we will do our best to get you to your destination station. This may be by an alternative train route or using alternative transport, such as a bus or taxi.

Information on compensation arrangements for delayed trains and refunds for journeys not made.

If a journey you have a valid ticket for is delayed by 30 minutes or more, you can claim compensation.

If you have a Season Ticket, the compensation will be a refund of a percentage of the single ticket cost for that journey. For example, we calculate the refund on the assumption that ten one-way journeys (five return journeys) are made during the week. We then apply the calculation used in the table below.

You can claim:

Length of delay Reimbursement
30 minutes to 59 minutes 50% of the cost of your one-way ticket or 25% of the cost of your return ticket
60 minutes to 1 hour 59 minutes 100% of the cost of your one-way ticket or 50% of the cost of your return ticket
120 minutes or more, for either or both of the outward or return legs of your journey 100% of the cost of the one-way or return ticket

In line with the Consumer Rights Act, compensation will be paid to you by the method in which you paid for your ticket.

You can claim online here, or by posting a Delay Repay form to Customer Relations. Claim forms are
available from staffed stations or from our Customer Relations team. During periods of severe disruption, we will do our best
to tell you about the claim process.

When you make a claim, we will need either a copy of your Season Ticket or the actual ticket. For Smartcards we need your Smartcard number.

You must make your claim within 28 days of the delay. We will not normally accept a claim if you were told about the delay before your journey started or you bought your ticket. If we
introduce a temporary timetable, claims for compensation will be based on that temporary timetable.

We will not normally accept a claim if we provide a replacement bus service or we trigger our ‘Ticket Acceptance’ scheme, where you can use your rail ticket to travel on the local bus service.

If there are delays over a period of time, we will consider giving Season Ticket holders refunds over and above the arrangements explained on the previous page.

This procedure does not affect the rights you would have under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, unless the law allows this. For information about your rights, including under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, click here.

If you have bought a ticket but didn’t use it, you may be entitled to a refund. Some tickets do not qualify for refunds, but we will make this clear to you when you buy your ticket.

When trains are disrupted

If your train is delayed or cancelled before you start your journey, you may decide not to travel. In these cases, we will give you a full refund for the unused part of your ticket if you return it immediately to any National Rail ticket office or send it to Customer Relations within 28 days of the last date the ticket could have been used.

If your train is delayed or cancelled part way through your journey, and we cannot get you to your destination or another agreed location within a reasonable time, you may decide to return to your original station.

We will give you a full refund for your disrupted journey if you return your ticket immediately to any National Rail ticket office or send it to Customer Relations within 28 days of the last date the ticket could have been used.

When trains are running normally

If your train is running as normal and you still decide not to make your journey, you can make a claim for a refund for some types of ticket. You must make your claim within 28 days of the journey, and you may have to pay a £10 administration fee for each ticket. Some types of ticket (including advance tickets) are not refundable.

If you bought the ticket at a National Rail station you can return it to any National Rail ticket office.

Season Tickets

If you no longer need your Season Ticket, please return it immediately to the ticket office where you bought it, or to Customer Relations. The refund is based on the difference between the cost of the Season Ticket you originally bought and the cost for the period up to the date you returned the ticket to us. Season Tickets offer significant savings for people who regularly travel every day, and if there is only a small period left on the ticket, you will receive only a small refund, or perhaps nothing at all. For example, an annual Season Ticket gives you 52 weeks’ travel for the price of 40 weeks’ travel, so there is no refund value after 40 weeks.

You can also change the journey or class on your Season Ticket, as long as the original ticket was valid for one month or more, and there is still at least seven days on it. If there is a difference in price between the two tickets, you will need to pay the difference, or we will refund you the difference if it is cheaper. This will depend on how many days are left on the ticket you are exchanging.

If you hold a Season Ticket and cannot travel for more than four weeks due to illness, you can apply for a discretionary partial refund of the unused period of the ticket. We may ask you for supporting evidence, such as a medical certificate, before we decide whether or not to provide a refund.

How we monitor and communicate our service quality standards and punctuality and reliability information.

We work closely with Transport Scotland to make sure that the quality of our services is of the highest standard. We monitor these standards and report the results to you.

Transport Scotland uses the Service Quality Incentive Regime (SQUIRE) to monitor and measure the quality of the customer services we provide. Inspectors continuously assess stations and trains throughout the year. Results are published here, where you can check results for your specific station or route, as well as for Scotland as a whole.

Customer satisfaction levels are also monitored by the National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS), which Transport Focus carries out twice a year across Great Britain. Results are published on the Transport Focus website.

We also have a programme of internal monitoring designed to complement the results from the SQUIRE regime and NRPS. We pay particular attention to:

• train standards, including the facilities, cleanliness and information
• station standards, including information provided, ticket offices, facilities available and car parks
• people standards, including the appearance, availability, customer service and knowledge of staff

We regularly publish the results of these inspections on our website.

We work with Network Rail to continually make our train services more reliable and run on time. All our services are monitored every day, including on Sundays and bank holidays.

The standard for measuring the performance of train services throughout Great Britain is the public performance measure (PPM).

PPM is the percentage of our trains calling at all appropriate stations and arriving at their final destination within five minutes of the advertised time. When a revised timetable is being used (for example, while engineering work is being carried out), the PPM applies to that revised timetable.

We publish our PPM, both for the network as a whole and broken down by services. We also publish ’on-time’ information (trains arriving within 59 seconds of their timetabled arrival time) for our main destination stations.

Click here to find out more about how we are performing. We also provide performance information at main stations.

We want you to be satisfied with every part of our service. If you have received or seen an exceptional service from a member of our staff, we would love to hear from you. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about any of our services, we welcome your feedback. You can send us your
comments online, through Twitter @ScotRail, or by contacting Customer Relations.

We aim to respond to any complaints within seven working days. If we fail to reply to you within this time, we will send you £5 in rail vouchers as an apology. If your complaint is about another train operator, we will send it to them and tell you this within seven working days.

We will always try to deal with comments in a fair and reasonable way, taking account of the National Rail Conditions of Travel and this passenger charter. Please give us the opportunity to try to settle your complaint. If you’re unhappy with our response, you can appeal to the Rail Ombudsman. The Rail Ombudsman is there to help settle disputes between us and our customers. It’s free to use their services and they are independent of the rail industry. They don’t take sides, but just look at the evidence available. They will help us both to try to reach an agreement, but if this doesn’t happen, they will make a decision based on the evidence they’ve received. If you agree with their decision, then we have to act on what they say.

You can appeal to the Rail Ombudsman if:

• you’re unhappy with our final response to your complaint, which will be given in a letter or email (sometimes called a ‘deadlock letter’); or
• we haven’t settled your complaint within 40 working days of receiving it; and
• no more than 12 months have passed since we sent you our final response.

There are some complaints that the Rail Ombudsman won’t be able to look into (for example, if it’s about industry policy, the way one of our services has been designed, or something that happened before the Rail Ombudsman service was established). If that’s the case, they’ll contact you to let you
know. If possible, they will transfer your complaint to another organisation that may be able to help you, such as Transport Focus . They will independently review your complaint and, where appropriate, follow things up on your behalf.

We are inviting you to have your say through the introduction of our online customer panel. We see this as an important way of listening to your views about a range of issues relating to how we perform across Scotland. This could be about how we have delivered services during a period of disruption, or gathering views about potential new services or station facilities. You can have your say here.

You can contact us in a number of ways.

Customer Relations

Email [email protected]
Telephone 0344 811 0141

FREEPOST ScotRail Customer Relations
PO Box 27129
G2 9LH

Opening hours Monday to Sunday from 0700 to 2200 hours (except 24 December 0700 to 2000). Closed 25 December and 1 January.


Twitter @ScotRail

Assisted travel

Telephone 0800 912 2901
Textphone 18001 0800 912 2 901 (for people who are hard of hearing)

(Monday to Sunday from 0700 to 2200)

Telesales team

Telephone 0344 811 0141

Lost property

Telephone 0330 109 2833

National Rail Enquiries

You can find information about train times, fares and ticket types, general advice, help in planning your journey, as well as up-to-date live train-running information from National Rail Enquiries. The telephone line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and calls may be monitored.

Telephone 03457 48 49 50

Or call TrainTracker on 0871 200 49 50 or text 84950 for current train times.

Traveline Scotland

This is an independent source of information about public transport and therefore includes details of trains, buses, coaches and trams across Great Britain.

Telephone 0871 200 22 33

Transport Focus

If you’re unhappy with our response to any complaint you have made to us, you can contact Transport Focus.

Telephone 0300 123 2350
Email [email protected]

Transport Focus
PO Box 5594

Rail Ombudsman

If you’re unhappy with our response, you can appeal to the Rail Ombudsman.

Website (including online chat):
Phone 0330 094 0362
Textphone 0330 094 0363
Email [email protected]
Twitter @RailOmbudsman

The Contact Centre team are available: Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, plus Saturdays and bank holidays between 8am and 1pm.