Integrated Transport

The train is a great way to get around, but all journeys start and end using another mode of transport, even if it’s using your own two feet to get to and from the station.

We work with other transport operators, local authorities and other partners to make the complete door to door journey as simple as possible, helping to create a healthier and more sustainable Scotland, and a successful growing railway.

Getting to and from the station

For many people walking is the easiest way to get to and from the station and is an enjoyable, healthy way of getting around. For those who want to get on their bike, we now have over 6,000 cycle parking spaces at our stations. Many others catch the bus, subway or tram before or after their train journey, with interchange available at many stations across Scotland and real time information now available for most bus routes across Scotland.

There are good road links into many of our towns and cities, so it’s important to also recognise the importance of car parking at stations, as a way of discouraging people from driving longer distances and helping to reduce overall traffic and pollution. Equally, we know that many short trips to the station are made by car, where walking or cycling could be a better choice.

What we do to create a better balance

Our aim is to have a better and more sustainable balance between these different station access modes. To achieve this, and to help support wider Scottish Government objectives on climate change and decarbonisation, we:

  • Work with our partners to offer a range of tickets to make travel using different modes simple. These include PlusBus , Rail & Sail , SPT Zonecard and Roundabout . All of these allow travel on rail and other modes of transport to be bought in one transaction.
  • Continue to encourage the use of Smartcard across our network. We’ve made many of our combined tickets available on Smartcard too.
  • Participate in Traveline Scotland, which provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ for impartial and up to date travel information for all modes of transport across Scotland. Find out more here
  • Have produced Station Travel Plans for 20 of our key stations across Scotland, identifying some of the local issues and barriers to more sustainable travel choices. Have a read here
  • Have installed bus departure monitors at 30 stations, giving information and reassurance to customers continuing their journey by bus.
  • Have installed 144 free electric car charging points across 56 stations.

Class 153 Carriages

Class 153 livery with bikes
Five Class 153 trains have been transformed to carry up to 20 bikes to enhance our existing services on the West Highland Line, providing custom designed racks to accommodate bikes as well as more seats for customers. The redesigned carriage boasts space for tandem cycles and an e-bike charging socket - a first for a train in the UK.

This unique project supports the Scottish Government’s commitment to economic development through active tourism and improved transport connectivity on the West Highland Line. These carriages will also support winter sports in Scotland accommodating large bulky items such as ski bags and rucksacks.

Find out more about our Highland Explorer carriages

What you can do

  • Have a think about how you get around. Could you use the train instead of the car for some or all of your journeys?
  • If you already use the train, do you drive to the station? If so, could you consider walking or cycling instead, even on just one or two days each week? To see what cycle parking is available at your station, enter your station here .
  • To give you some more motivation, it can help to build a walk or cycle to the station into your daily exercise routine. Measure your steps every day, so you can keep track of your progress.
  • Some of our customers drive to bigger stations, but maybe there is a local station with a little less parking available – this can be worth looking into, if you’re able to be flexible and travel earlier to get a space.
  • It’s also worth researching the costs of buying a bike or, if you need the car, looking at electric alternatives as these become more affordable.
  • Use our carbon calculator to check how much carbon you could save by reducing your car miles. Every little helps and small changes can start to make a big difference.
  • If you already travel by train and bus on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth checking out some of our combined ticket products as these could save you both time and money. And don’t forget to check out Traveline Scotland for up to date journey planning and information on other transport modes.