School safety program


Working to deliver a fun and interactive rail safety message to schools and young people.

We work with our partners British Transport Police, basketballscotland, Cricket Scotland and Kat Wilson Drama Teacher to deliver a comprehensive rail safety programme to children and young people across the country.

School safety programme Cricket
"Act Safe 2 Be Safe” aims to address, engage and promote rail safety, giving young people the confidence to be comfortable traveling by train either by themselves or with family and friends.

150 schools received a rail safety visit during the 2018/19 programme, with 6355 young people benefiting from this.

We continue to focus on primary schools as this age group are fascinated by trains and their varied interesting noises, people and environments. Combined with the feeling of movement and speed, it makes the idea and experience of rail travel a great adventure. This age group can, however, lack awareness of the dangers posed by the railway; trains travelling at high speed are not able to stop quickly and will hit any obstruction on the track. An understanding of how to stay safe in and around the railway at this age protects pupils as they grow into greater independence, preparing for the more complex personal safety issues of their teenage years and on into secondary school.

The schools selected for these sessions were identified by ScotRail and BTP Scotland as being in areas that would benefit the most based on the previous year’s safety data. The areas we focused on during 2019 were North Ayrshire, North and South Lanarkshire, East Dunbartonshire and Fife.

Safety Resources for teachers can be downloaded from the Network Rail website here.