Customer satisfaction

We continuously improve what we do.

The quality of the service we deliver to our customers is important to us. That's why we're improving the ways we measure customer satisfaction across our stations, on board and with our people.

Some of the survey results will be available to view on our website. Some will be used to feed into our Quality Plan, which drives the training and development of our people.

Passenger surveys

We are part of National Rail Passenger Surveys (NRPS) run by Transport Focus and undertaken twice a year.

NRPS surveys give us a greater view of the service being delivered by our people - at stations and on board our trains.

The latest results can be found here

Alongside this, we've introduced three new types of surveys to measure the service our people are delivering to our customers:

  1. An independent, self-monitoring Service Quality Management System (SQMS), which measures staff performance - skills and behaviours - in delivering customer service at our stations and on board our trains
  2. Surveys through the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), which let us know how our customer service measures against other Train Operating Companies - and against other sectors like Retail, Tourism, Automotive, Leisure and Insurance. We undertake these surveys twice a year.
    Download the latest ICS Customer Service Index results here
  3. Surveys through our own online panel ‘The Platform’, which let us know how our customers would like to shape and improve our services. ‘The Platform’ is open to everyone and you can sign up here