Sustainable Procurement

We're focused on embedding sustainable procurement principles across all aspects of our supply chain.

Procuring sustainably allows us to deliver our aspirations in a way that achieves value for money and generates benefits not only to the organisation, but also to the Scottish economy whilst minimising risk.

A successful, sustainable ScotRail will drive a successful, sustainable Scotland.

We outline our approach and aspirations in our Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Read our policy here

Sustainable procurement clauses continue to be embedded within our new contracts, ensuring sustainability is part of normal business practices.

We are engaging with our suppliers and are seeking to upskill them in sustainability and will be continuing to develop our approach in this area. We want to advise and support our supply chain to operate more sustainably.

We promote equality, responsible sourcing, management of environmental risk, waste minimisation, and compliance to all applicable legislation, including the Modern Slavery Act.

We also wish to work with SMEs, social enterprises and suppliers who deliver benefits to the wider community, whether this is promoting local employment, providing education programmes or use of local materials and products.

What you can do

If you are looking for opportunities to work with ScotRail, please refer to the advertised contracts with Public Contracts Scotland.

View available contracts on Public Contracts Scotland

If you are a new, existing or prospective supplier and would like to know more about sustainable procurement and how we can support you on your journey, please contact [email protected] .