Every single day

Scotland’s railway is changing.

We're undergoing the biggest transformation since Victorian times. When all this work is done, it will mean more seats, more services and hassle free travel through better stations.

This year we will...

  • Introduce a brand new fleet of 70, faster, longer, greener trains – adding thousands of extra seats and shorter journey times
  • Continue our largest ever train improvement programme - upgrading existing trains to deliver increased reliability and great benefits such as at-seat power sockets
  • Roll out enhanced WiFi at more stations and on more trains – helping you stay connected while on the move
  • Help you switch to Smart - our Smartcards will help you beat the queues and travel seamlessly on the Glasgow Subway or by bus
  • Upgrade stations right across the country - including better retail, catering and ticket buying options
  • Make your journey better and more reliable every single day by delivering on our 249-point Performance Improvement Plan

Every single day, the 7,500 people who work for the ScotRail Alliance are doing everything they can to deliver a rail service to be proud of. .

They each have a story to tell. Find out more about them and the role they play here:

Every single signal

When an incident occurs on the railway, we want to make sure it is dealt with in a safe, timely and effective way.

This is the job of our control team who oversee every train in Scotland.

Based in the West of Scotland Signalling Centre, our dedicated team are working hard every single day to get trains on the move and provide our customers with the necessary information when disruption occurs.

Mark Ilderton
Head of Integrated Control, West of Scotland Signalling Centre

Every single cup

I’m here to make your journey as relaxed and comfortable as possible, whether you’re off to Edinburgh or Oban.

The snacks on our menu are sourced in Scotland - from porridge to pastries and sandwiches to shortbread.

It can be a challenge when it’s busy, but it’s important to stay upbeat and serve with a smile. Having a positive impact on a customer’s day makes it all worthwhile.

Lauren Callaghan
On-Train Catering Steward, Queen Street station

Every single shift

My job is to get you where you need to be.

It’s important I stay focused during every single shift. Your safety is my top priority and I need to make sure I’m prepared for anything. A healthy diet and plenty sleep is just part of my routine.

Being by myself in the driver’s cab can be quite lonely, but then I remember I’m part of a much wider team. I couldn’t do my job if it wasn’t for the team of Signallers, Conductors and Ticket Examiners around me.

Jennifer Stewart
Train Driver, Glasgow

Every single bolt

Britain's rail network is supported by over 40,000 bridges and tunnels but some of the biggest and best of those are in Scotland.

We're undertaking a railway upgrade plan to renew some of those structures but, others, like The Forth Bridge, are completely irreplaceable.

That's why we work hard every single day to inspect, maintain and repair the structures that support your journey.

Jamie McClaren
Assistant Asset Engineer for Structures, Scotland

Every single ticket

Every single day at Edinburgh Gateway, it’s my job to make sure people get where they need to be for the best price and by the easiest route possible.

I would definitely describe myself as a people person and take great pride in helping customers in any way I can, from providing general travel information to real-time updates when things are not running as they should.

Scotland’s railway is a vast and complex operation but every single minute, of every single day, we’re committed to doing everything we can to make your journey as easy as possible.

Jim Watson
Station Grade B, Edinburgh Gateway station

Every single train

Every single day at Corkerhill Depot, it’s my job to upgrade our trains - inside and out - to give you the best on-board experience when you travel with us.

Trains arrive here from all over the country. Some have travelled up to three million miles in their lifetime.

Here they’re fitted with modern features like WiFi and LED lighting, extra wheelchair spaces and universal toilets.

Every single minute, of every single day, we’re committed to giving you the best on-board experience possible.

Davie Coddington
Performance Engineer, Corkerhill Depot

Every single day

It’s my job to keep thousands of people who get on and off trains at my station moving. I love what I do, the people I work with and the passengers I meet.

I’d be the first to admit it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride these past few months. But we’re building a better railway ready to run brand new trains.

The scale of work and change going on doesn’t just happen overnight but we’ll get there -as every single minute, of every single day, we’re committed to making things better.

Margaret Hoey
Station Team Manager, Queen Street station

Every single fact

  • When we're finished transforming the railway, we'll have an extra 100,000 weekday seats available
  • We'll also be adding an extra 200 daily services
  • Our train performance is moving up - we're now at 90% - just a fraction away from where we should be
  • 9 out of every 10 trains arrive on time
  • We run 59,000 trains every four weeksThat allows us to deliver almost 95 million journeys each year
  • We're investing half a billion on new and refurbished trains
  • And one and half billion on a better, greener, more reliable network