Station Improvements

We know your journey is more than just travelling from A to B.

The time you spend in our stations is just as important as the time you spend on board our trains, which is why we’re investing heavily in improving station facilities across Scotland.

We’ve worked hard to deliver improvements across the railway, including investing millions in new and refurbished trains to make your entire journey as comfortable as possible.

Here’s what we’re working on throughout our network to ensure that Scotland’s Railway is your first travel choice:

  • Installing new benches to make our stations more comfortable.
  • Improving Wi-Fi coverage so that our customers can use their travelling time to stay connected.
  • Providing more car parking spaces.
  • Making several stations more accessible with accessible toilets and lifts.
  • Refurbishing ScotRail lounges across the country.
  • New shelters and extending existing canopies.
  • Significant enhancements to platform customer information screens displaying real time information from new trains about where vacant seats are available and where facilities can be found on the train.