Accessible travel

ScotRail is dedicated to assisting disabled customers and people with reduced mobility.

We aim to provide assistance to those who need help when travelling on our network whether this has been booked in advance or not.

You are able to book assistance at least two hours in advance for journeys on the ScotRail network. Where the journeys go beyond our network, and involve the use of other train operator services, we ask that you book your journey 24 hours before travelling so that we can meet their notice period requirements.

If you want to know more about our commitment to supporting disabled customers, take a look at our Disabled People's Protection Policy

Watch our videos to find out more about the assistance available.

Booking assistance

We guarantee to provide you information which will help you plan your journey when you contact us.

You can book assistance two hours or more before you travel (24 hours if your journey goes beyond our network):

  • By visiting any staffed station on our network
  • Online: Assisted Travel booking form
  • Free Assisted Travel Helpline: 0800 912 2901
  • Assisted Travel Textphone: 18001 0800 912 2 901 (for people who are hard of hearing)

Our opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00 (except Christmas Day) for phone and online bookings.

British Sign Language (BSL) users

You can contact us via contactSCOTLAND-BSL the online British Sign Language interpreting service.

Find out more about contactSCOTLAND-BSL


Staffed stations

Our trained staff will provide assistance for you at stations, including help with boarding and alighting between platforms and train, entering and leaving the station, travelling to and from car park drop-off/pick-up areas.

Our staff will help with luggage assistance when this has been booked in advance. Staff are trained in manual handling and will lift or pull luggage that would not cause injury to them.

Inaccessible stations, unstaffed stations and when ticket offices are closed

If you wish to travel to or from a station that is inaccessible to you, or one that is unstaffed when you need to use it, we can still provide you with assistance to help you make your journey.

We will discuss what help you need when you call us to book your assistance. Please see more information detailed on pages 15-21 of our Disabled People's Protection Policy.

We have introduced an interim Passenger Assist process at Queen Street station during the redevelopment works.

You’ll find the Passenger Assist stand on the main concourse, for turn-up and go assistance.

The stand is staffed:

  • Monday – Saturday: 07.00-21.00
  • Sunday: 10.00-18.00

If the desk is unstaffed please approach any member of station staff for assistance.

If you book assistance in advance, you now have the option to be dropped off at the ‘drop-off/pick-up point’ in front of the Millennium Hotel on George Square (either taxi rank or loading bay).

Here you’ll be met by one of our new booked passenger assist team. They’ll assist you into the station, where a member of station staff will ensure you’re supported for onward travel.

If you arrive by train at Queen Street, you’ll be escorted to the pick-up point by one of the booked passenger assist team.


Disabled passengers travelling from Alloa to Stirling or interchanging at Stirling sometimes board trains that arrive / leave from platform 9/10. Platform 9/10 is not step-free from main entrance of the station except from the non-public back entrance gate. Access to other platforms from platform 9/10 is via set of stairs.

New arrangements

Please contact our Assisted Travel team who can organise a taxi to Stirling if your journey involves travelling on any of the following routes;

  • Alloa to Stirling
  • Alloa to stations north of Stirling (Dunblane, Bridge of Allan, Perth, etc)
  • Alloa to Edinburgh or intermediate stations between Edinburgh and Stirling

Please note that the taxi will be provided for those who qualify and their companion

Whilst we make every effort to make our stations and trains accessible, you should be aware that some stations our trains stop at may have physical and navigational constraints that could make them inaccessible to you.

Inaccessible stations

If you wish to use a station that is inaccessible to you (for example due to stairs or the station being unstaffed when you need to use it) we will book you an appropriate taxi at no extra charge between the inaccessible station and the nearest or most convenient accessible one for your journey.

During disruption

Where our services are disrupted, we will provide alternative accessible transport to take you and your companion to the nearest accessible station so that you can continue with your journey.

This service is provided at no extra charge if you have a valid rail ticket for the journey you want to make.

Substitute transport/planned engineering works

When a train service is subject to planned or unplanned engineering works, a coach service is normally provided. If you have mobility needs that mean you cannot access the coach, we will provide an accessible taxi at no extra charge as long as you have a valid rail ticket for your journey.

You can buy discounted tickets for your journey. If you’re travelling with a companion, they can also buy a ticket at the discounted price. More information about discounts is available on pages 19-21 of our Disabled People’s Protection Policy

Wheelchair accommodation on ScotRail trains is restricted to Standard Class carriages and to standard wheelchairs not exceeding 70cm wide, 120cm long, with a combined weight of less than 300 kilograms of user and wheelchair. These dimensions are in accordance with Interoperability PRM-TSI legislation.

First Class areas don't have wheelchair accommodation and there's no wheelchair access to accessible toilets from First Class. To travel in First Class, wheelchair users need to be able to transfer to a seat.

Please note: A handful of Edinburgh - Glenrothes/Cardenden (Fife Circle) services are usually operated by a particular type of older-style train with no suitable area for wheelchairs. More details can be found on pages 32-33 of our Disabled People’s Protection Policy but you may wish to note these particular services:

Morning Evening
0636 Edinburgh – Glenrothes 1708 Edinburgh – Glenrothes
0737 Cardenden – Edinburgh 1718 Edinburgh – Cardenden
0744 Glenrothes – Edinburgh 1816 Glenrothes – Edinburgh

We support the Disabled Persons Railcard, which offers discounts on a range of rail tickets.

You can also find out more information about assisted travel online from the Rail Travel Made Easy guide

Light travel scooters, no greater than 104cm (41") long and 56cm (22") wide and with a combined weight of less than 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of user and scooter, can be accepted on all our trains. They are the only models that can be safely and efficiently manoeuvred into the disabled space.

  • Scooters must be stowed in the designated Disabled/Wheelchair areas
  • You must be capable of transferring to a seat on the train, as you cannot travel sitting on the scooter whilst inside the train
  • The scooter must be parked and immobilised with the key taken out or battery switched off
  • Scooters must not have a canopy or a rear fitted basket as they may make the scooter too large for the available space
  • When you book, refer to your owner's manual for the dimensions

Portable ramps are provided on all of our trains and at all accessible stations. These ramps can be used for non wheelchair or scooter passengers who would otherwise find it difficult stepping on and off the train.

Please note: A handful of Edinburgh - Glenrothes/Cardenden (Fife Circle) services are usually operated by a particular type of older-style train with no suitable area for wheelchairs. See the 'Wheelchair users' section above for more details.

Passenger Assistance CardOur Passenger Assistance Card is here to give you peace of mind while you travel. It has all our contact details on, so you can contact us while you're travelling if you need to.

It also has space for you to write down any important details that might assist you with your journey, especially if you find it difficult to communicate with staff.

Download the card here or pick one up at a ScotRail ticket office.

InterpreterNow is a service that delivers immediate access to online interpreting for deaf BSL users, enabling deaf and hearing people to communicate with each-other.

The service is available via a simple and straight forward app that can be used on both ScotRail staff and customer smartphones. The app is designed to allow ScotRail to aid deaf customers in any part of their journey, from information on trains during time of disruption to customer queries at stations or ticket offices.

Customers sign to an interpreter via the app through a video call, who will then relay the customer query to the member of ScotRail staff. The interpreter will then be able to sign the answer back to the customer.

Watch the video below to see InterpreterNow being used in a real-life scenario.

Download the InterpreterNow app:

Download on the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

To make travel easier for customers who require assistance, we're trialling pin-badges on Edinburgh - Glasgow routes and at Glasgow Central. This will make it easier for our staff to identify and support priority passengers and will also encourage other customers to be considerate.

You can use these badges to let staff know if you have a disability, are pregnant, or may need help in finding a particular stop.

You can help yourself to a badge from boxes at Glasgow Queen Street, Edinburgh Waverley, Haymarket, Falkirk High, Polmont and Linlithgow. Badges are also available from Glasgow Central booking office.

We are constantly improving facilities for all our customers. Find out more information here

Updates on station access

During improvements some stations may close temporarily while we upgrade our facilities. If a station has limited access, a warning or alert message will be put on the station landing page. Alternatively, you can contact our Travel Assistance team:

  • Telephone: 0800 912 2901
  • Textphone: 18001 0800 912 2 901 (if you're hard of hearing)

React is an audible directional system for visually impaired customers.

You can find it installed at the following stations:

  • Brunstane
  • Camelon
  • Dumfries
  • Larbert
  • Lenzie
  • Linlithgow
  • Kirkcaldy
  • Inverness

To get a fob that activates this system, contact

Telephone: 01457 861431

React House
Section G, Unit 9
Dinting Lane Industrial Estate
SK13 7NU

For all other customer enquiries, please contact Customer Relations on 0344 811 0141.