Station safety

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, so we offer a range of resources, advice and information to help you to stay safe when you travel with ScotRail.

For useful information on how to stay safe when you travel with us, click on the headings below.

We’re working with the British Transport Police to improve security at stations and on trains, including investment in CCTV cameras. Over the next two years we will introduce:

  • 200 additional CCTV cameras at 46 car parks and 145 cycle storage locations
  • Solar powered CCTV cameras at each of the 78 stations where none currently exists
  • CCTV monitors displaying images from CCTV installed at station entrances of each of the 20 highest footfall stations

You can help to improve safety by immediately reporting any incidents or unaccompanied baggage and suspicious packages to a member of staff, or to the British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40.

  • Luggage trolleys, prams, bikes and dogs should never be taken on the escalator
  • Where available, station lifts can be used to carry these items, as well as any heavy luggage
  • Pushchairs should be folded and carried
  • Always keep to the right, facing forward and keep your hand on top of the handrail
  • Don’t touch the sides of the escalator below the handrail and keep your feet away from the sides
  • Don’t run on the escalators and take care when stepping on and off them.
  • Always carry small children or hold them by the hand
  • At some stations, you will see a yellow line on the platform - please remain behind this until the train has come to a stop
  • Not all trains may stop at your platform - trains running through can cause turbulence, so keep hold of children, pushchairs and other belongings
  • Station platforms have gradients that assist in the removal of rainwater, so if you have a pushchair, pram or wheelchair, make sure you apply its brake when stationary
  • Never attempt to retrieve objects dropped onto the railway line or between the platform and train - let a member of staff know or use the help points
  • If you have any concerns regarding your safety during any part of your journey, please contact a member of staff or use the help points
  • Train doors can close 30 seconds before advertised departure times, so make sure you get there in plenty of time
  • Be ready to board and alight from your train in plenty of time and let passengers off before you board
  • Don't board the train if you're not travelling
  • A door-closing alarm sounds when the doors are about to close - don't attempt to board or alight while you can hear the alarm
  • We'll let you know when stations have platforms shorter than the trains stopping at them, so you can be in the right section of the train when it arrives
  • Mind the gap - platform heights can vary from station to station
  • ScotRail operate a smoke-free policy on all of our trains
  • Store luggage securely - either in the overhead shelf or in the racks at the end of coaches
  • Don't store oversize/heavy luggage in the overhead shelf as items could fall during the journey and cause injury to you or other passengers
  • Don't leave luggage in the aisle
  • Don't stand near the train doors as you could cause an obstruction, or an accident when the doors open or close
  • Familiarise yourself with safety notices
  • Take care when making your way through the train when it's in motion - unexpected train movements can affect your balance
  • Take care with hot drinks
  • Parents with young children should fold pushchairs to avoid accidents on escalators and stairs, using lifts where available
  • Help children on and off trains and where possible hold their hand, particularly when on stairs and escalators
  • Don't let your children run around in stations or in trains as they could injure themselves or others
  • Give yourself plenty of time for your journey and don't run, especially on stairs and escalators, as you could injure yourself or other passengers
  • Be particularly careful in periods of wet/cold weather - platforms and concourses can be slippery when wet
  • Use hand rails where provided
  • Don't leave luggage where people can trip over it, and be aware that unattended luggage will prompt a security alert and can cause delays
  • Please don't cycle, skateboard or rollerblade in stations or on railway property