Staying safe in stations

Keeping our passengers and staff safe is the most important part of what we do.

Scotland’s stations are busy places, particularly those in our city centres. Whenever you’re in a station, even a small one, it’s so important to always be fully alert to what’s going on around you. Every day we see accidents happen, most of which could have easily been avoided.

Here, you’ll find a few tips to keep yourself safe when using our stations.

To learn more about general Safety and Security on Scotland’s Railway, have a read here.

  • Give yourself plenty of time – don't run, especially on stairs and escalators, as you could injure yourself or other passengers
  • Be careful in the wet and cold – platforms and concourses can be slippery when wet
  • Use hand rails – for extra stability on the stairs
  • Keep luggage out of the way – don't leave luggage where people can trip over it, and be aware that unattended luggage will prompt a security alert and can cause delays
  • No cycling – in the station, and please don’t skateboard or rollerblade in stations either
  • Pushchairs – please fold and carry them
  • Keep to the right – and face forward, so you don’t fall off at the end
  • Keep hands and feet clear – keep feet away from the sides, and keep your hand on top of the handrail
  • Don’t run – and take care when stepping on and off
  • Use the lifts instead – if you’ve got a luggage trolley, pram, bike or dog with you
  • Keep hold of small children – either carry them or hold their hand
  • Stand behind the yellow line – if there’s a yellow line on the platform, stand behind it until the train has come to a stop
  • Stand back, hold tight – trains don’t stop at every station. When a train’s running through, keep hold of children, pushchairs and other belongings
  • Put the brakes on - station platforms have gradients to help rainwater runoff, so if you have a pushchair, pram or wheelchair, apply the brake when stationary
  • Dropped something? Call for help – if you’ve dropped something on the railway line, or between the train and the platform, never try to retrieve. Let a member of staff know or use the help points instead.
  • Contact us – if you have any concerns about your safety on your journey, contact a member of staff or use the help points
  • Train doors can close 30 seconds before departure – so make sure you get there in plenty of time
  • Be ready – to get on and off the train in plenty of time, and let passengers off before you board
  • Not travelling? Don't get on the train
  • Don’t try to board at the beeps – you’ll hear a door-closing alarm sound when the doors are about to close, so don’t try to get on or off
  • Get the right carriage – we'll let you know when stations have platforms shorter than the train, so you can be in the right section of the train when it arrives
  • Mind the gap – platform heights can vary from station to station
  • No smoking – anywhere
  • Put your bags away – either on the overhead shelf or in the racks at the end of coaches, not in the aisle or on seats
  • No heavy or oversize bags on the overhead shelf – put them in the racks at the end of carriages
  • Don't lean on the doors – you could get in someone’s way, or have an accident when the doors open or close
  • Read the safety notices – that’s what they’re there for
  • Take care on a moving train – it can get very wobbly when it’s going, making it difficult to balance
  • Take care with hot drinks – put a lid on it
  • Fold pushchairs, or use the lifts – if you’ve got young children with you, use the lifts, or fold pushchairs on the escalators
  • Hold their hand – help children on and off trains, and hold their hand on stairs and escalators
  • No running – don’t let your children run around in stations or on trains as they could injure themselves and others

If you ever see something that doesn’t look or feel right within a station or on a train, please always tell someone. You should report it as soon as possible.

  • On train - find the Conductor or Ticket Examiner on board the train. They will be walking through the carriages regularly. If it is an emergency, call 999
  • At a staffed station - find a member of staff on the platform or the ticket office
  • At an unstaffed station - use the Help Point on the platform to report it or text British Transport Police on 61016. If it is an emergency, call 999