Greater Glasgow & The Clyde Valley

Perfectly placed for trips north to the West Highlands or south through the lush beauty of Ayrshire, Greater Glasgow and the surrounding Clyde Valley is also a great destination in its own right.

The city of Glasgow itself is well known as Scotland’s vibrant style capital, and is packed with superb attractions, lively creative showcases, excellent shopping opportunities and fantastic free museums and galleries.

Head out along the southern banks of the famous old River Clyde though, and enjoy wonderful views to the north, including dramatic Dumbarton Castle nestled at the foot of craggy Dumbarton Rock. Further west and you’ll pass much of Scotland’s industrial history, with old shipbuilding towns and trading ports like Port Glasgow and Greenock (served by Greenock Central and Greenock West, plus seaside resorts like Gourock.

You’ll also find find green countryside where you can enjoy fantastic outdoor activities, plus Greenock’s striking Beacon Arts Centre, where you can enjoy high quality theatre and arts productions by local companies and some of the best Scottish touring artists and companies.

And it’s just a quick trip down the tracks to Wemyss Bay at the tip of North Ayrshire, where ferries wait to carry you over the water to pretty Rothesay on the Isle of Bute.

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