Behind the scenes of our tv advert

Last updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2023

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a tv advert. While it may only last 30 seconds on the big screen, it takes months of prep work and then days of shooting to get the finished cut.

Filming in Central Station
Our design agency, D8, came up with storyboards to help us visualise how the advert would look and feel. Once we were happy with the concept, we had to decide where the filming would take place.

Location scouts who had previously worked on blockbuster movies went out and about on the network to find the perfect filming locations.

As we all know, there are so many stunning locations on the network so they had a tough job whittling it down to just a few.

Arrochar and Tarbet, located within Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, was chosen for its picturesque and peaceful location, to convey a side of Scotland that people know and love. It's also not too far from Glasgow where the bulk of the filming would take place which is handy.

Wemyss Bay was chosen for its outstanding architecture and to contrast with Glasgow Queen Street in showing the mixture of old and new stations we have in Scotland.

People on the platform next to the train for the tv advert
So, with the locations chosen we then needed some lovely faces to put in the picture. We put a shout out to staff to see if anyone wanted to take part and were so grateful to those that did. With some even giving up their rest days to become a tv star! All the staff were given five-star treatment and full makeovers to make their moment in the spotlight extra special.

The last important ingredient needed was the train. We couldn’t just use a regular passenger service so with the help of the fantastic team in Train Planning, a special train ran from Wemyss Bay. This stopped any disruption to regular passengers and meant we could get it just right, no matter how many takes it took!

It was a fun day of filming and we want to say another big thank you to all the staff members that took part. We hope you all enjoy seeing yourself on the television.

Watch our TV ad here