Driving yourself Crazy? Don't forget Train Wins

Last updated: Thursday, 8 October 2020

Here's a few reasons to travel by train.

With ever-rising petrol prices, parking charges, traffic jams and road rage drivers, using the car to get around can be a stressful business. If you want to get to your destination with the minimum of fuss, Train Wins! Here’s a few reasons why you’re better off leaving the car keys at home.

Feeling fuel-ish

Prices at the pumps vary over time but historically the UK has never been a cheap place to fill up the tank. In 2018, that’s a truer statement than ever and, as this recent article highlights , government figures show that fuel prices are about to hit their highest since 2014. This is largely due to the current weakness of the pound, making it more costly for retailers to purchase fuel.

With average fuel prices reaching almost £1.30 per litre across the country, it makes perfect sense to be kind to your wallet and go by train. Especially if you take advantage of Season Tickets, Off-Peak or Advance fares.

Parking pandemonium

It’s expensive, it’s stressful and before you know it, the fruitless search for a parking space has taken up a much bigger chunk of your day than you’d like. Parking woes are a chore that even the staunchest of petrol heads will never find enjoyable. If you’re looking to park up for the day in one of Scotland’s big cities, you could find yourself paying well over £20 for the privilege.

Take the train however and you don’t have to worry about the excess stress and unwanted costs of finding a place to park. You’ll be whisked off straight to your destination without the pandemonium.

Caught in a jam

We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling on the commute or on a busy bank holiday weekend, when traffic crawls to a standstill and we realise we’re going nowhere fast. A recent poll suggests that for commuters, traffic jams could be depriving them of a whole 55 hours of sleep per year , which certainly explains why you need that double-shot espresso as soon as you arrive at the office. Plus, let's not forget that a number of studies have shown a direct link between better overall health and leaving the car at home.

Whether it’s down to roadworks, accidents or congestion, traffic chaos is an ever-present and hugely frustrating part of travelling by car. With 9 out of every 10 ScotRail services running on time, you’ll find that your journey goes a lot more smoothly when you travel with us.

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