Flexible travel for changing times

If you’re likely to be travelling on the same route frequently, you can save time and money with a Flexipass.

With a Flexipass, you can make 10 journeys on the same route within one month. As the name suggests, it’s a flexible way to travel by train. You can use it on any day of the week, and at any time of the day.

You’ll typically save 10% or more compared to the cost of a single ticket. There’s no need to queue up to purchase a ticket each time you want to hop aboard, simply load your Flexipass onto a Smartcard and tap in and out of every journey.

Buying and renewing your Flexipass

You can buy and renew a Flexipass ticket online, with the ScotRail app, via a ticket vending machine, or at a ticket office.

You’ll need one of our free Smartcards to obtain a Flexipass. Applying for a Smartcard is quick and easy, simply sign up here. It takes just a few minutes and your free card will arrive in five working days. Once purchased, your Flexi journeys are stored securely on your card.

Lost your Smartcard?

We’ll send you a free replacement Smartcard. Better still, we’ll load any unused journeys from your lost card straight onto the new one.

What you need to know

Once you have purchased a Flexipass, it is not possible to make changes or get a refund. Railcard and child discounts are also exempt.

Flexipass tickets are valid on all ScotRail, CrossCountry, and TransPennine Express services within Scotland. This includes over 1,350 journeys across 28 ScotRail routes.

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A Flexipass can save you over 10% off the cost of ten standard day single tickets.

Route Standard (Anytime) Daily Single 10x Standard Daily Singles Flexipass Saving £ Saving %
East Kilbride - Glasgow Central £4.20 £42.00 £34.60 £7.40 21
Wemyss Bay - Glasgow Central £8.00 £80.00 £65.30 £14.70 23
Helensburgh Central - Glasgow Central £7.00 £70.00 £56.00 £14.00 25
Neilston - Glasgow Central £4.10 £41.00 £34.60 £6.40 18
Kirkcaldy - Edinburgh Waverley £8.80 £88.00 £78.50 £9.50 12
North Berwick - Edinburgh Waverley £7.10 £71.00 £60.40 £10.60 18

A Flexipass offers flexible train travel. With a Flexipass, you can make 10 journeys on the same route within one month.

With an Edinburgh to Glasgow Flexipass, you can buy a 10 or 50 journey ticket. This route is also eligible for a First Class Flexipass ticket, subject to availability. 50-journey Flexipasses are available from ScotRail booking offices, on paper only.

You can typically expect to save 10% or more when you travel with a Flexipass, compared to the cost of a single train ticket.

The cost of your Flexipass will depend on your selected route.

Yes. Flexipass tickets are exclusive to Smartcards. You apply for a free Smartcard on the ScotRail website. Flexipass tickets do not require you to supply a photo.

Flexipass tickets can be bought on the ScotRail website, app, or at any ScotRail ticket office or vending machine. You can also buy one by phoning 0344 811 0141.

A Flexipass is usually valid from the date you buy your ticket. You can instead choose to start it from a future date.

Flexipass tickets are valid on ScotRail, CrossCountry, and TransPennine Express services within Scotland. They are available on over 1,350 journeys, across 28 ScotRail routes.

You can use it to travel in either direction on a route of your choice, on any day of the week and at any time. Simply tap in and tap out at a ticket gate or platform validator at the start and end of every journey.

A Flexipass cannot be used to join or depart at intermediate stations, unless your route involves a change of train at that point,

You can easily check how many journeys are left on your Flexipass with Check and Collect on the ScotRail App.

If you bought your Flexipass online or using the ScotRail app, you can alternatively check by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your My ScotRail account to access your dashboard
  2. Click the 'view details' button next to your Smartcard number
  3. Scroll down to view information about the tickets left on this card

Your account may take a few hours to update before showing your most recent journey.

Tickets are not transferable and it is not possible to get a refund for a 10-journey ticket, even if you don’t use all of your journeys before the expiry date.