Flexipass on Smartcard

Paper Flexipass tickets are folding.

From 1 November 2019, 10-journey Flexipasses will be available on Smartcard only. If you’re a paper Flexipass customer, you’ll need to sign up for a free Smartcard which will arrive in no more than five working days. Once your card arrives, you can buy your Flexipass at any ScotRail booking office or ticket vending machine, or online via our website or the ScotRail App.

What is Flexipass?

Flexipass lets you make 10 journeys on the same route within one month. Travel anytime and save 10% or more compared to buying single or return tickets. Find out more about Flexipass here.

Why Smart only?

As part of ScotRail’s commitment to smarter travel, it’s our intention to make certain products available on Smartcard only. Flexipass is better on Smartcard -

No more lost tickets. All ten Flexi journeys are stored securely on your Smartcard.

Lost Smartcard? No problem. We’ll send you a free replacement card with your unused tickets loaded onto it.

No more dating paper tickets. Just tap in and out at the start and end of your journey and used tickets are automatically removed from your card.

Get Rewarded. From 1 November, customers who buy Smart Flexipasses online will get access to Smart Rewards – discounts from 50+ high-street retailers.

Making this ticket Smart only minimises the misuse of Flexipass tickets, and ensures we can continue to offer the best value fares.

How to get Smart

Applying for a Smartcard is quick and easy – it only takes a few minutes and you’ll have your free Smartcard in five working days. For Flexipass, single and return tickets you don’t need to add a photo – the Non-photo Smartcard option is the one for you. Sign up using the button below, or click here for more information about how to get your free Smartcard.

Loading Flexipass tickets to your Smartcard

Adding Flexipass tickets to your Smartcard is easy, whether you’re planning ahead or buying on the go. If you’re buying from the booking office or ticket vending machine, your Flexipass will be loaded instantly to your card. If you’re buying online via our website or app, then you’ll need to allow four hours before loading your ticket at the station. Find out more about how Smartcard works here.

Mind the tap

Tap in and tap out at a ticket gate or platform validator at the start and end of every journey. This activates each single Flexi ticket. If you haven’t activated a Flexi journey before you board, our staff will ask you to buy a valid alternative ticket for your journey, which you’ll need to use to exit the station at the end of your journey. Tapping in and out each time you travel also means you won't lose any journeys you shouldn't, and that you travel seamlessly through gates.